Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sigur ros Top Ten Concerts 1999 - 2008

Sigur ros Top Ten Concerts 1999 - 2008 (to date)

As requested here is my personal favourite, essential top ten Sigur ros concerts. This list is based on sound quality alone so there are others which contain rare tracks and others also which should be included on the 'feel' of the show alone. If you are new to Sigur ros or just want a handful of the best, the ten listed below are all absolutely stunning. (You can find all of the below in 320kbps MP3 and FLAC using the search engine at the very top left of the site)

01 - 12.06.1999 Icelandic Opera House, Rejkavik
02 - 17.11.2000 Schlachtof, Germany
03 - 27.04.2001 Kampnagel, Germany
04 - 13.07.2001 Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland
05 - 01.10.2001 St Andrews Cathedral, Vancouver
06 - 20.10.2002 Sodra Theatre, Stockholm
07 - 14.03.2003 Int. Forum, Japan (x4 track DVD)
08 - 03.11.2005 Konserthuset, Sweden
09 - 25.08 2007 BBC Electric Proms, London
10 - 06.10.2008 Portland, USA

Monday, 1 June 2009

French Teen Idol - El Siete Es La Luz

Nothing to download this time but the new album 'El Siete Es La Luz' by French Teen Idol was released today and as his previous two were so good and as he put them up for free download [download] - you can listen to it here [LINK] French Teen Idol is arguably one of the very best Ambient, Classical, Post Rock artists out there