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Sigur Rós - Berkley Performance Centre 15.03.2003 Re re Master & Re Post 2009

Sigur Rós - Berkley Performance Centre 15.03.2003 Re re Master & Re Post 2009

Another happily corrected gem of a concert. Some drop out issues now corrected and a more mellow rounded out sound. The first master i did had far too much 'treble' in parts. Apologies for that but I hope your enjoyment of this corrected version makes up for any inconvenience in having to re-download it. It really is a wonderful concert.

NB: Because the original was mastered from mp3 this is only available in FLAC. (Please don't be concerned about the quality having been re mastered from an mp3. If the results weren't significantly better it wouldn't appear on the blog!)

An absolutely fabulous concert with all the right ingredients, crystal clear recording with huge and punchy sounding drums and a real 'live' exciting quality to it. Its one of those concerts where Jonsi sings in such a way that his voice seems to travel quite freely and unrestrained in the songs, very dream like and quite beautiful. I think this particular set list is becoming my favorite. Enjoy

Track List:

01 Vaka
02 Milano
03 Samskyeti
04 Ny Batteri
05 Gong
06 Salka
07 Olsen Olsen
08 Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa
09 Hafssol
10 Smaskifa
11 Popplagio

download p1 (flac)
download p2 (flac)
download p3 (flac)
download t10 Smaskifa (apologies, got lost in the process)

Grouper - Live ATP Festival 08.05.2009

Great quality recording of Grouper at this years ATP. Review:

It was most rewarding to see that All Tomorrows Parties gave Portland OR's Grouper (AKA Liz Harris) the larger room for her September 12th set from Kutsher's resort in the Catskills; the glacial, elegant movements of her solo performances (armed only with guitar, voice, and FX) were befitting of a past-its-prime ballroom where the spectres of 1950's-1970's entertainment loomed large. That and the fact that a large room's acoustics were perfect for her; in front swirling projected images Harris projected murky, oceanic melodies, lumbering overtones and dreamlike drones, all a seemingly symphonic creation all at the hands of one person and a guitar. It sounded very controlled yet completely vague and very much non-digital sounding. Surrounded by this, you feel completely transported by these dense yet never-overpowering clouds of sound, always distant, but directly connected your cortex in a way I think even My Bloody Valentine could not quite accomplish with their live barrage last year. Comparisons to Arvo Part meets Throbbing Gristle are definitely accurate; there's an epicness about Grouper's music that never quite releases its sense of foreboding while at the same time aims to sooth the soul.

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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Latest Sigur Ros project !

Im currently working on what will be a very special collection of live tracks entitled something like 'Sigur Ros - A Celebration Of 10 Years Of Live Music' Partly out of gratitude to the band for 10 years of sublime music and partly as a round up of all the concerts that i have re-mastered and posted over the last year, both here and on the Loss-less blog. The songs featured will be selected from the very best quality and will cover the period from 1999 to 2009.
~If any tracks have really stood out for you then please leave your comments below. Your help, comments and involvement will be and is always appreciated~

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Sigur Rós - Montreux Jazz Festival 13.07.2001 V2 - Re Master+Re Post

Sigur Rós - Montreux Jazz Festival 13.07.2001 V2 - Re Master+Re Post

When I Posted this show the first time there was a great sound originating from the soundesk, but now having some time to re listen to some of the earlier shows there were 1 or 2 I felt could be improved upon, especially shows as important as this one.
To my ears, the original sounded a little muddy and muffled so in this version the sound is brighter. Now there is more added clarity and sparkle, you hear more of the cymbols for example and Jonsi's voice is lifted higher and comes across more clearly and strongly. There is slightly more hiss but probably not enough to notice
~ If you are happy with the original then keep it but I hope you may appreciate and enjoy this version a little more ~ Its my intention to get the best out these wonderful concerts so I feel the improvement has been worthwhile

Set List:

01. Intro
02. Nýja Lagið
03. Fyrsta
04. Samkeyti
05. Svefn-G-Englar
06. Ný Batterí
07. Vaka
08. Mìlàno
09. Olsen Olsen
10. Dauðalagið
11. Hafssól
12. Popplagið

Please refer to the latest 1st Gen master before downloading -

Rimmur EP - FLAC

Rimmur - Re-Post FLAC

I posted this a long time ago but have had quite a few requests for a higher quality so at last we have a FLAC version.
Rímur is a limited EP record released independently by Sigur Ros featuring Steindór Andersen performing rímur. It was sold during the band's spring 2001 tour. Only 1000 copies of the EP were printed. A live performance of "Hugann seiða svalli frá" with Steindór later appeared on the band's 2007 DVD release Heima, with the title "Á Ferð Til Breiðafjarðar Vorið 1922".

Track Listing:

  1. "Kem ég enn af köldum heiðum" – 6:19
  2. "Til ei lætur tíðin mér" – 1:00
  3. "Fjöll í austri fagurblá" – 6:00
  4. "Slær á hafið himinblæ" – 1:29
  5. "Hugann seiða svalli frá" – 6:02
  6. "Lækurinn" – 5:50

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Efterklang - 'Into the Great Wide Open' Festival 06.09.2009 - Video / Concert

Efterklang - 'Into the Great Wide Open' Festival 06.09.2009 - Video / Concert

Truly amazing concert from Efterklang. Over an hour of music featuring new songs from their forthcoming album. The video is in 2 parts, sorry, just how it turned out. Unparalleled quality of sound on this one . It doesn't get any better than this!

Set List:

01 Swarming
02 Mirador
03 The Soft Beating (new song)
04 Cutting Ice To Snow
05 Alike (new song)
06 I Was Playing Drums (new song)
07 Mirror Mirror
08 Step Aside
09 Caravan
10 Chapter 6

(The tracks haven't been named/tagged)
Thanks to Rhubarbidoo! - AGAIN (track 3)

download p1 mp3
download flac p1
download flac p2
[MF] Video - Part1 Part2 Part3 - (new links 30.03.2011)

Sigur Rós - Beacon Theatre NYC 01.11.2002 Re re Master / Re Post V2

Sigur Rós - Beacon Theatre NYC 01.11.2002 Re re Master / Re Post

Edit: Thank you to Filip for this beautiful new cover art.

This is a concert I have Re mastered from a previous master I did, which again suffered from some quite bad drop outs that I later identified as compression issues, now corrected. Also the sound was quite sharp in places.
Im much happier with this one. The sound is much smoother, more balanced and richer. Defiantly worth a re-download if you already have this one. Highly recommended. Thanks to the kindness of the taper

Set List:

Ný batterí
Olsen olsen

download p1
download p2
FLAC link

Jóhann Jóhannsson - Live - Motel Mozaïque 11.04.2009 Video + Flac/Mp3

Jóhann Jóhannsson - Live - Motel Mozaïque 11.04.2009 Video + Flac/Mp3

Superb quality recording of this concert, on a par to the actual studio recorded CD's ! Highly recommended. Wonderful to finally have a video of Jóhann playing live. Not to be missed

Set List:

01 Jói & Karen
02 Melodia (I)
03 Fordlândia - Aerial View
04 Englabörn
05 Part 1 IBM Processing Unit
06 Sálfræðingur
07 The Sun's Gone Dim and the Sky's Turned Black
08 Odi et Amo
09 Melodia iv
~ Thanks 'broken chord' for track corrections ~

[MF] Video - part1   part2  (split into 2 parts with 7zip)
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