Monday, 5 December 2011

Jónsi - Full Album Stream

ævin endar and gathering stories, two original songs from the 'we bought a zoo' soundtrack are now available to stream on
also, visit on wednesday (from 11am new york time) to listen to a stream of the forthcoming soundtrack in its entirety.


AWVFTS - 2011 US

A very nice find! Adam Wiltzie & Dustin O'Halloran playing live with an orchestra. Beautiful ambient. All credit to the original taper

[MF] Download

Friday, 2 December 2011

JTP - Guardian Session

Lovely 12 minute version of 'Sorry With A Song'
You can watch the video :here:
Interview with the Guardian Newspaper:

The Texas-born songwriter surfaced in 2001, in a band called Lift to Experience; they produced one startling record, The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, and then combusted. After a decade of near silence, Pearson re-emerged this year with Last of the Country Gentlemen, its seven songs a distillation of the pain he felt during the breakup of his marriage. "I thought it might be important to document this," says Pearson, who is about to start a UK tour. "It was the essence of a time, almost like documentary work, trying to be true to that time in the relationship [when I was] sort of realising that was it, and the cracking being captured on the record."
These are heartwrenching songs; Pearson's voice is low, sad and hoarse, buffeted by acoustic guitar and occasional strings. "I almost always start with music," he says. "And I just sit with it, play around with the song, let it be out in the air and then start to sing whatever goes with it. Most of the time, lyrics come independently of the music. Then I go back and listen to that song and cut the lyrics to fit. I try to be as economical with the words as I can – it's more the music that's affecting."
Although the subject matter is more recent, the album has been stewing for 10 years. After the demise of Lift to Experience, Pearson was pursued by labels, urged to form a new band or produce a solo album. Instead, he left his home in the Texas city of Denton and moved to the country. "I had offers on the table, but it was a real specific decision to say, 'No, I'm going to stay here in the countryside and keep digging in the earth.' It was a real conscious decision to turn down a healthy [financial] lifestyle. I chose to stay there and really pursue song."
For a brief time, Lift to Experience's bass player Josh "Bear" Browning came to join him, moving to the same small town an hour south of Dallas. "He got a job at Walmart," says Pearson. "Lasted a coupla months. It's hard out there. There's nothin'. It's dry; it's grassland, high desert."
The town was slow to accept him, a fact not so surprising when one takes into account Pearson's appearance: tall and wiry, with a beard to his chest. "When I said I was in a band, no one believed me. They thought I was selling drugs or something." In fact, he was eking out a living doing odd jobs, earning just enough for utilities and food. "The people at the local Baptist church kept me fed, too," he says. "One old lady said, 'You come visit! The pews are real comfortable!' Somehow, within a couple of months they'd got me leading the songs, which was kind of funny. I think it was the pastor's wife who kept asking me to play. She said, 'Well, if you're too nervous, you just let us know whenever you get over your shyness.' I said, 'I'm not scared to play! I do it for a living.'"
Pearson was raised in the church, his father a Pentecostal preacher. "They get wild and crazy," is how he explains Pentecostalism. Religion has stayed with him. "It's a blessing and a curse. I'm a believer. The Christian traditions of love thy neighbour, do good unto others, love God with all your heart … they're wonderful things. But with any organisation, a little gang mentality creeps in." He is particularly thankful to the church for introducing him to the King James Bible. "My father, he was pretty silly, but he really believed all the other versions of the Bible were watered down by the devil." He gives a faint smile. "But I'm glad for that tradition, because the King James, once you get your head around it, was written in a way to be remembered, the rhythm and rhyme of it."
At 19, he experienced a crisis of faith. "I mean a big one, in which I just lost all the feeling. So I was flat on my ass, I guess." Music helped fill the hole. "Replaced the feeling at least," he says. "And I started looking at philosophy and went to philosophy school. My questions were little things, simple things that aren't simple when you're a kid – problems of evil."
Pearson's live shows have become the stuff of legend: long, intense, with something of the sermon about them. Between the songs, he is given to telling rambling anecdotes and dubious jokes, in stark contrast to the ache of the music. He laughs when I mention it. "When I tell an off-colour joke it's just a way to pull my own head up from the water to keep from getting too deep, where I can't handle it."
He claims not to have listened to the album since its recording and, despite eight months of touring the songs, still finds them difficult to play. "When I started playing them, I was playing them for therapy," he says. "You play stuff out. It's gotten easier." He pauses. "I say it's gotten easier, but I don't think it has, because right before the show I'm still thinking: 'I'll never do this again.' But when people are touched by it, then it gives you the strength to do it again."
He is unsure what to do next: he speaks repeatedly of needing to work things out – relationships, career, where to live, whether to spend another 10 years working on songs – and of how lately he has been focused on little but touring. "In my emotional state, it's been best to stay busy," he says. "To work on something so that other part of your mind has time to fix itself, to figure what just happened. I need to figure it out. I've neglected it. I don't know what's going to happen after the end of this year."
We talk about the album's title track, a song he found too confessional for the CD, but included as a bonus track on the LP, because "the vinyl would be a little more sacred, and that song felt like the essence of it". It is an astonishing song, raw, hushed and sorry. I ask him what he thinks a gentleman is. "Mark Twain says a gentleman is someone who can play the banjo and doesn't." He laughs, falls quiet, addresses his shoe. "A gentleman is someone who tries to be good, tries to do good, who just always tries his best."

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Jónsi - Gathering Stories - New Song! ~ 1st Listen

Extract from

Both with Sigur Rós, and in his solo work, Jónsi has always made music that captured the human adventure. Early on, it was obvious that this music would have a profound effect on the making of "We Bought A Zoo." In preparation for making the movie, we gave all the actors and crew members a copy of Sigur Rós transcendent documentary, "Heima," (Icelandic for "home"). We all watched the film and listened to the music, and it quickly seeped into our own journey in filming the real-life story of Benjamin Mee's book. The actors listened to the music during their takes; it was immediately part of the film's DNA. Even the signs guiding our crew members to the set revealed our inspiration "Heima." During filming, I sent Jónsi a photo of one of the signs. He wrote back with characteristic enthusiasm. On our last day of shooting in April, I contacted Jónsi again and asked him if he was interested in scoring the film. I sent him a copy of the script, and a Quicktime of one of the scenes. The story affected him. He'd already begun composing new music for the film when he arrived from Iceland with his toy sampler keyboard and a headful of ideas.
His first theme for the movie fit perfectly. Within a week, Jónsi had composed a series of themes that would reflect everything we'd hoped for. In his music were all the highs and lows and passionate in-betweens of the film itself. Over the course of several visits to Los Angeles, Jónsi sculpted and orchestrated a soundscape with elements I'd never had in a movie before: bells, strings, cymbals, toy pianos, even melodies played through a small Dictaphone. The instinct that began the movie had come full circle. On a warm fall night in October, we finished. The e-mail he sent last night before boarding the plane back to his home in Iceland says it all: "It was such a blast." And so it was. Here, with thanks from an inspired director, and special gratitude to Alex Somers, who helped shine it through a prism of love and wonder, is Jónsi's first score for film. This is his music for "We Bought A Zoo."
Cameron Crowe
October 2011

Monday, 14 November 2011

Other Lives - privé sur le Mouv 03.11.11

Other Lives - privé sur le Mouv 03.11.11

A new find for me, Other Lives are such a great band, beautiful folk rock type complex yet simple interesting songs with great melodies. Their first album S/T had me captivated from the first song :)

Set List: (The tracks themselves aren't named, you can update the tagging yourself if you wish)

1 - As I Lay My Head Down
2 - Dark Horse
3 - Old Statues
4 - Landforms => Desert
5 - For 12
6 - Tamer Animals
7 - E Minor
8 - Weather
9 - Dust Bowl III
10 - Unkown
11 - Black Tables
12 - Unknown
13 - I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (Ramones Cover)
14 - Unkown
15 - The Partisan (Leonard Cohen cover)

[MF] Audio - download
[MF] Video - p1   p2   p3
More coming from Other Lives soon...

Friday, 4 November 2011

The Loudness Wars...

16,000 Metallica sign an online petition to re-master Metallica's new album because its too loud !
BBC streamed program about this
Maybe you've listened to a CD recently that's been SO loud its unpleasant to listen to. Recently even some acoustic /vocal albums Ive heard have suffered badly from this. Anyway, hope you find it interesting :)

Emeralds - Demo 1 & 2

Probably more for fans as these rare demos are not quite in the same league as 'What Happened' or 'Does It Look Like Im Here' (Links to listen to)
[MF] Demos 1&2

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Jónsi - We Bought A Zoo OST ~ info

as reported previously, jónsi has spent some time working on the original motion picture soundtrack for the forthcoming cameron crowe movie “we bought a zoo“.
today sees the announcement of details of the soundtrack that comprises of over 30 minutes of brand new music from jónsi – the soundtrack comprises of two new songs from jónsi: “ævin endar” (life ends) & “snærisendar” (end of a rope) as well as nine shorter “theme” pieces, plus reimagining’s of songs from jónsi’s debut solo album “go”. the soundtrack also includes “hopipolla” by sigur rós.
here is some words about the soundtrack recording process:
“[jónsi] arrived from iceland with a toy sampler keyboard and a headful of ideas,” says cameron. “within a week, [he] had composed a series of themes that would reflect everything we’d hoped for. in his music were all the highs and lows and passionate in-betweens of the film itself. the instinct that made the movie come full circle.”
cameron’s relationship with jónsi and sigur rós goes back almost as far as the band’s position in the international spotlight, to 2001 and the director’s much-noticed inclusion of three of the band’s songs in the hugely successful tom cruise film ‘vanilla sky’. cameron has long heralded the band and their filmwork, to the extent that the secret project name for we bought a zoo was, in fact, ‘heima’ in honor of the band’s 2007 tour film.
“early on it was obvious that [sigur rós’] music would have a profound effect on the making of we bought a zoo,” says cameron. “in preparation for making the movie, we gave all the actors and crew members a copy of sigur rós’ transcendent documentary, ‘heima’.”
even ahead of getting jónsi on board as composer, we bought a zoo was broadly ‘temped’ with jónsi’ solo material. it’s an open secret that cameron would encourage matt damon, scarlett johansson and the other actors on the movie to listen to specific songs by the band to create the right energy for a scene.
“the actors listened to the music during their takes; it quickly became part of the film’s dna,” says the director.
perhaps even more potent is the fact that the closing scene of we bought a zoo is a cinematic homage to a specific moment in ‘heima’ when gleeful crowds stream in a sigur rós show in the far north of iceland or, in this case, the newly opened zoo.
among the original score and new songs is ‘gathering stories’, a song co-written by jónsi and cameron, in something of a collaborative first for the notoriously private icelander. orchestral arrangements on the score have been handled by previous jónsi working partner, and ‘reader’ soundtrack composer, nico muhly, who brings his quixotic genius to the string and brass sections.
here is the tracklisting for the soundtrack:
we bought a zoo soundtrack
01. why not
02. aevin endar – jónsi *new track
03. boy lilikoi – jónsi
04. sun
05. brambles
06. sinking friendships – jónsi
07. we bought a zoo
08. hoppipolla – sigur rós
09. snaerisendar
10. sink
11. go do – jónsi
12. whole made of pieces
13. humming
14. first day
15. gathering stories – jónsi *new track
the movie is released in america on the 23rd of december – the soundtrack is available to pre-order now from with a release date of december 13th

~from 2nd November 2011 

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Explosions In The Sky - Doug Fir - In Studio Performance 10.09.2011

Nice to have a properly recorded live set from Explosions featuring songs from their latest album
[MF] Flac Download
[MF] Mp3 Download

~ Thanks to KiDG for the awesome album art

Set List:  (thanks anon!)

1 Postcard from 1953
2 Be Comfortable Creature
3 Let Me Back In

James Blake - In Studio KEXP - 19.05.2011

James Blake - In Studio KEXP - 19.05.2011

A great set from James Blake. The more I listen to his music the more I like it. This set also includes an interview :) (there seems to be a slight error with the tagging as for me the interview was at the last track, So he says he will play more songs and then it finishes! :) Superb sound quality

Set List:

01 Unluck
02 Lindersfarne I&II
03 Interview
04 Limit To Your Love
05 The Wilhelm Scream

[MF] Flac Download
[MF] Mp3 Download

Jóhann Jóhannsson - Iceland Airways, KEX Hostel 13.10.2011

Jóhann Jóhannsson - Iceland Airways, KEX Hostel 13.10.2011

Short but very sweet set from one of worlds pre-eminent Modern Classical composers

Set List:

01 Sálfrædingur
02 The Rocket Builder (Io Pan!)
03 Odi Et Amo

[MF] Flac Download
[MF]  Mp3 Download

Fljúgðu (Victory Rose) - Sigur Rós - 1st ever song [FLAC]

The first ever song recorded by Sigur Rós!
I thought it would be nice to give you the opportunity to hear it in its full glory. Over the years there have been many requests. Also the post is, kind of in honor of its name sake, the song that gave rise to one of the most extraordinary bands of this century...oh, and this blog :D
[MF] Download Flac
[MF] Mp3 320

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Sóley - KEX Hostel, Iceland Airways 11.10.2011

I have soft spot for Sóley at the moment. Her recent album 'We Sink' is lovely. As a member of the Icelandic Band Seabear she is carving a name for herself as a solo artist in that wonderful 'Icelandic Music Market' which is producing a torrent of intuitive and interesting music right now.
3 songs here, quite stripped down to their acoustic bare bones. Gives her wonderful Icelandic accent a prominent place here :p

Set List:

1 Smashed Birds
2 The Sun is Going Down
3 I'll Drown

[MF] Flac
[MF] Mp3

A video of another of her main performance at Iceland Airwaves

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Parachutes - Tour EP - FLAC

A somewhat bittersweet post. Hearing Parachutes in their full un-compressed glory is both a wonderful and sad experience. Wonderful in that it sounds simply glorious, sad in the knowing that the band no longer exists and if the forthcoming album would have sounded anything as great as these few tracks it would have something quite special. Anyway, enjoy :)
~ You can still download their entire discography :HERE: 
1 Your Stories
2 Tree Roots Turn To Forts
3 Where Were You?

[MF] Download - Flac

Sunday, 9 October 2011

James Blake - KEXP 2011.09.29

James Blake - KEXP 2011.09.29

Apparently you either love his music or hate it! Personally I am in the camp of love.
This special performance for the wonderful KEXP Radio provides an amazing set of 6 songs including his latest 'Enough Thunder' This is a must have performance, many of the tracks are presented in different forms. The audio is, as ever here on Victoryrosemusic above and beyond in terms of quality.

Set List:

01 Unluck
02 I Never Learnt To Share
03 Lindisfarne I&II
04 Limit To Your Love
05 Enough Thunder
06 The Wilhelm Scream

[MF] Mp3 Download
[MF] Flac  Download

Apparat - Berlin Festival 09.09.2011

Apparat - Berlin Festival 09.09.2011

A very new discovering to me. I've known of them for years and Im pretty sure listened to some of their music a while ago. Their new album 'The Devils Walk' released on Mute has really caught my ear, mainly through the video featrued here

[MF] Audio - Download
[MF] Video -   part1   part2   part3 - All credit to the original uploaders

Set List:

1.You House Is My World
5.Song Of Los
6.Candil De La Calle
7.Ash/Black Veil
9.Black Water

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Farewell Poetry - Hoping for The Invisible to Ignite - Released Monday

 As True As Troilus by FareWell Poetry

Tagged a few weeks ago as being one of my personal records of the year Farewell Poetry has come out of no where to release an gigantic record of Post Rock perfection. As you'll hear from the track above, The 19 minute  epic 1st track on the album True as Trolius, has some wonderful long broody build ups married perfectly with dark poetry, eventually exploding into a  mulitracked raw energy of passionate power. It really is a fantastic journey listening to the record with many quite beautiful moments interspersed with lovely melodies and powerful emotion outburstings. Highly, highly recommended. It really needs to be con-joined with the video as well, Check out all the goodies you get with the order! more details below:

FareWell Poetry - As True As Troilus - TRAILER from FareWell Poetry on Vimeo.

~~ Try not to miss this tour as well ~~

Silent Bells Tour + more

Gizeh Records
Farewell Poetry 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Mogwai&Low - August 2011

Two full length concert videos  :)

Mogwai-12.08.11 - part 1  part 2  part 3
Low-13.08.11 - part 1  part 2  part 3

~links fixed! Thanks Goatsden :)
Adam Wiltzie from 'Stars of the Lid' & Dustin O'Halloran got together and made an album! Its awesome. Full album stream here...

A Winged Victory For The Sullen (EXCLUSIVE FULL ALBUM STREAM) by erasedtapes

Monday, 12 September 2011

Sigur Rós - Ambassador Theatre - 05.10.2002

Just posted this one over on Victoryroelossless Flac & Mp3
Its one of, if not 'the' best quality recordings we have from this period. At least in terms of the drums which are just epic.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sigur Rós - Klippa


Sigur Rós - Previously unheard song!

Following a random conversation, I stumbled upon two minutes of a previously unheard song, sung during the Ferrara sound check 2003. I don't know/very much doubt if it would ever see the light of day as an actual song as it was just the band messing about a bit during the sound check but I have to say I really like the general idea of it. It does sound a bit like the 'Sweet Home Alabama' bit they sung during a sound check from this era but its not that. With a little imagination you can maybe imagine what it would have sounded like as an actual song.
Do you like it as well? Its a bit different from the norm, especially from what they where producing at that time :)
or[MF] Direct download

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cocoon - Aufgenommen Festival 2011.05.28

Cocoon - Aufgenommen Festival 2011.05.28

Pretty amazing 18 track concert in superb sound quality. I'm not so fond of their newer material but for 'soft pop' music I do enjoy the melodies and happy sound this couple produces together. Nice to watch them playing live as well. They obviously really enjoy playing together and have the type of intuitive playing that marks great musicians. There was another version of this concert 'out there' but I thought I'd offer a better version (no offence to the previous uploader)

[MF] Download mp3

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Rhian Sheehan - Seven Tales Of The North Wind

One of the most beautiful and engaging records I've had the delight to discover this year. If you like Sigur ros and the music of Jónsi & Alex you'll find yourself many times in this music transported to similar places. Rhian has somehow stumbled into a magical place where the music creates an un-common power and goodness deep inside,
 something like a place where the ego dissapears for a while and through  that the heart has free reign to create feelings and mindscapes that are especially joyful to be a part of. Although there is a lot of great music out there, this is something which to discover in new music I personally find quite rare.
The point being is that I find this to be a very special record that deserves special attention to followers of this blog in general and to those who have an affinity to the music of Jónsi / Jónsi & Alex / Sigur Ros in particular.
The album which clocks in at 33 minutes is priced at a very affordable $5.00 (so even people like me can afford to own a lossless copy! :)

From the press:
Ambient, dreamy & nostalgic


released 12 May 2011

'A series of beautifully textured soundscapes... there's a natural warmth to all of them that cries out: "Lend me your ears" ****½
- Sunday Star Times (NZ)

'A deeper resonance is achieved… Seven Tales of The North Wind succeeds not with a grand statement, but with a humble observation.'
– The Silent Ballet (US)

'Seven Tales makes for some of the most beautiful and heartfelt music that you will hear in a long time.'
– Tone

'Seven Tales will thrill fans of the Brian Eno ambient albums, transporting you to that dream-like waking state.'
- North & South (NZ)

'Seven tales told. Seven tales loved.'
– ASIP (UK) 

Rhian Sheehan ~Standing In Silence~ LIVE Auckland Mercury Theatre - May28th 2011 - Exclusive!

Through recent conversations with Rhian he has most kindly allowed me to post and share this exclusively with you, the good people of Victoryrose Music. Im beyond grateful for Rhian's kindness and generosity of heart for sharing such as incredible concert. Rhian explained that this was essential a front of house mix with not much done to it and as such the quality of the audio is very similar to how it actually sounded...which by the way is phenomenal! I hope you take the time to listen and enjoy this master of modern composition. There are so many elements in the music that remind me of artists such as 'The Cinematic Orchestra' / 'Olafur Arnalds' / Helios / Sigur Rós / and more. In essence he manages to capture and combine something of the very best of modern day Electronica/Orchestral/Modern Classical/ music in a wonderful soundstage that presents an audiotorial experience that your mind can just drift along with and yet engage with on many levels. Superb stuff. A thousand thanks to Rhian Sheehan for sharing this with us. Rhian has a good heart and I feel it really comes through in the music

Standing In Silence - Live Auckland Mercury Theatre 28th May 2011  

01 Standing in Silence 1&2
02 Standing in Silence 11
03 Standing in Silence 2
04 Standing in Silence 5
05 Standing in Silence 13
06 Standing in Silence 10
07 Standing in Silence 9
08 Standing in Silence 7&8
09 Standing in Silence 6
10 Standing in Silence 3
11 Little Sines - Live
12 Tokyo Lanscapes - Live

[MF] M4a Lossless -  Part 1   Part 2
[MF] MP3 Download

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Jónsi - New OST for 2011/12 !

Jonsi is currently writing tracks for a new Cameron Crowe Film 'We Bought a Zoo'
"Jónsi has been a part of the making of We Bought A Zoo from the very beginning, as we played his Go album often for inspiration and scene-setting for the performances.  It seemed only natural to ask him to join us officially, as our composer.  He said yes, and we’ve been cheering our good forture ever since.  The movie is brimming with his new music, and his one-of-a-kind sonic heartbeat.  He’s a natural at film composing, and we can’t wait to share it with you in the coming months"

Soccer Committee - 3rd Cross Festival

Bit of a unique find here, Sc live! Found in a dark and dusty corner of a hard drive. Long been a fan of Mariska Baars (Sc) She has this incredible ability to produce THE most minimal music with just herself and a guitar. She has also done some incredible work with the renowned artist Machinefabriek, in particular one of my all time favorite ambient type records 'Drawn'  (skip to track 2!)
[MF] Download

Mr JT Pearson - Motel Mozeque - Video

At last a video of Josh in concert! Only 3 songs but he stretches them out in a wonderful way over the 20 mins.
[MF] Download mp4

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ensemble Et Al - Sounds Of Others (Featuring Golmund / Arvo Part)

An incredibly beautiful, peaceful and joyous little compilation by Ensemble Et-al featuring re-workings of songs by Goldmund and Arvo Part. Arranged/adapted by Ron Tucker.
ensemble, et al. is a Brooklyn-based pseudo-classical percussion ensemble that combines elements of classicism and modernism employing a simple, intimate, dynamic and delicately beautiful aesthetic.
[MF] Download
You can download a free lossless version :HERE: 

Friday, 19 August 2011

Jónsi - Soundcheck Songs

Just under three minutes of Jónsi singing some wordless tunes. Very sweet and a haunting beauty which hints a little bit of what must be some of the many potential songs floating around Jónsi's mind. Very short but very sweet
[MF] Download

King Creosote&Jon Hopkins - Hour long commentary explaining 'Diamond Mine'

You may recall in June I posted a stream of the whole album 'Diamond Mine' by King Creosote & John Hopkins :HERE:  as I was blown away by the beauty of it.
Its been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize :) Here is an hour long commentary with KC guiding the listener  through the hows, where's and why for's of the album. Very interesting & wonderfully descriptive

Tour dates

Thu 8 SepKing Creosote + Jon Hopkins - The Deaf Institute, Manchester
Tue 1 NovKing Creosote + Kid Canaveral - The Cluny & The Cluny 2 - Newcastle-Upon Tyne
Wed 2 NovKing Creosote + Kid Canaveral - The Liquidroom, Edinburgh

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sigur Rós - INNI - Live DVD + Double Live CD

Sigur Rós will release Inni – the definitive Sigur Rós live experience
 – this November on XL Recordings. 

Inni is comprised of a double live album and seventy-five minute film of Sigur Rós’ last show before their well-documented “indefinite hiatus” at the end of 2008. Recorded and shot over two nights at London’s Alexandra Palace at the close of the world tour around their fifth full length album, Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, Inni sees the band at the peak of their powers, captured on film for the first time as a core four-piece since they were joined by string section amiina at the start of the century. Directed by Vincent Morisset (Arcade Fire’s Miroir Noir), the film is set to debut at this year’s Venice Film Festival on September 3rd, 2011.


Inni is Sigur Rós' second live film following 2007's hugely-celebrated tour documentary Heima. Whereas that film positioned the enigmatic group in the context of their Icelandic homeland, providing geographical, social and historical perspectives on their otherworldly music, Inni focuses purely on the band's performance, and stands as a stark counterpoint to Heima’s kaleidoscopic richness. Where Heima was lush and colorfully expansive, Inni is spare and near-monochromatic in its tunnel vision. Filmed in a manner that invites both intimacy and claustrophobia, Inni cocoons the viewer in a one-on-one relationship with the band, eschewing the audience for closeness, depicting how it feels for both band and fan to experience Sigur Rós live.

The film’s elegance and atmosphere are enhanced by Morisset’s re-filming of the original digital footage on 16mm, which was then re-filmed again, sometimes through prisms and other found objects, allowing Inni to look and feel like something recovered from the past. Interspersed with this is archival footage drawn from the band’s previous decade, dating back as far as 1998. This juxtaposition gives viewers the full scope of Sigur Rós’ origins, evolution, originality and influence.


The live album Inni – a first for the band – is comprised of the full set from Alexandra Palace, played in order with just one omission, and clocks in at one-and-three-quarter hours. Recorded by Sigur Rós’ in-house studio engineer Birgir Jón Birgisson, Inni’s live audio recording is far and away the best way of replicating the full-force effect of standing in front of one of the world’s most extraordinary bands for an evening.
When taken in together, Inni’s film and live album give us an incredible account of one of the most celebrated and influential rock bands of recent years, showing where they’ve come from, where they’ve been, and like all things Sigur Rós, where it is they will be going next. 
More details of how, when and where Inni will enter the world will be made available shortly. In the meantime, the trailer is available to watch now at

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Boats - Los Musicos Perdidos

Long been one of my favourite post rock bands. They have such a wonderfully subtle, relaxed almost profound way of playing and song composition. I was surprised to find this for free download on the amazing bandcamp. An album I have wanted to hear in its full lossless glory for a long time. Please download and take your time over this one. Its the type of record which makes me wish I was travelling somewhere just to be able to sit back, watch the scenery go by and drft with this masterpiece of understated post rock.

James Blake - 2011.05.11 Bowery USA

Been looking forward for a long time to see how the sublime subtle electronica of Mr Blake would transpose into a live setting. I must say Im really impressed. Some comments a friend made who saw him live recently:

The punters went off when he played the first chords of ‘Limit To Your Love’ and the sub drops on that were FUCKING TERRIFYING . Seriously, about 6 or 8 times thru the gig the FOH guy really kicked the subs in the guts and the whole of the Metro started resonating with more rattles than a millionaire’s baby. When the 20 cycle drops hit thru a like 20kw PA, it felt like someone had wrapped a big woollen jumper tightly around your head while you were submerged in mud or honey with cotton wool stuffed deep in each ear canal. Couldn’t hear a thing other than the massive sub drops, the floor was rumbling like a train was going under your feet and light bars and fittings all were shaking in sympathy. At that volume and at that frequency, the whole room becomes a speaker and the place was shaking and throbbing. A guy in front of us literally went down in a heap when one of the loudest drops happened and everyone lurched down to help him back to his feet…lol! That whole super deep sub-harmonic thing was fucking amazing, especially to someone like me who wouldn’t normally be in a dubstep type/style gig. I mean I've seen LOUD bands a lot,…. hell. I heard/saw the biggest PA in the world recently when I saw accadacca TWICE up close, but nothing compared to this type of thing. Fucking loved it..;p

Set List:
1. Unluck
2. Give Me My Month
3. Tep and the Logic
4. I Never Learnt To Share
5. Lindisfarne
6. To Care (Like You)
7. Klavierwerke
8. Limit To Your Love
9. The Wilhelm Scream
10. Encore
11. Anti-War Dub
12. Enough Thunder

All Credit/Source + more info Here

Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Low Anthem - KCRW 2011

The Low Anthem - KCRW 2011

Really been enjoying this band recently. They play a beautifully quiet and delicate type of American folk music  which is wonderfully mellow.
[MF] Download

Monday, 30 May 2011

Heima HD Digital Download - Update

you can now order the 5 new unreleased extras separately. If you have already purchased the DVD please check the link at the bottom to find out how to download them for free! 

Saturday, 28 May 2011

EiTS - Ancienne Belgique - 24.05.2011 - Video

EiTS - Ancienne Belgique - 24.05.2011 - Video

This is the first new Explosions concert video we've had in many years and its been well worth the wait. They have such a huge selection of material to choose from now so with the inclusion of new songs, Explosions in the Sky are more than ever one of the best live acts playing today.

Set List:

01 Last Known Surroundings
02 Yasmin the Light
03 Catastrophe and the Cure
04 Only Moment
05 Postcard from 1952
06 The Birth and Death of the Day,
07 Your Hand in Mine,
08 Let Me Back In, The Moon Is Down

[MF] - Part 1 Part 2

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Mono - The Manning Bar, Sydney 05.12.2009 - Video

Mono - The Manning Bar, Sydney 05.12.2009 - Video ~(.flv)

Another very nice 90 minute video of Mono from 2009. The video itself is very dark, intense with flashes of coloured shots (like the picture above) However the sound on this one is particularly good. Split with winrar into 3 parts. Im not sure of the set list but its a very pleasing one!

Set List:

Ashes In The Snow
Burial At Sea
Follow The Map
Pure As Snow
The Kidnapper's Bell
Halcyon (Beautiful Days)
Everlasting Light

[MF] Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Monday, 16 May 2011

Mr T. York - Solo (acoustic) 2002 - Re Master

Couldn't resist re-mastering this one as it was already good. If your a fan of the man then I think this will be a real treat. Fantastic quality. Tom alternates between acoustic guitar & piano. More info you can see from the set list! also some very nice album art is included in each of the uploads. Thanks to the taper & original uploader xx

CD 01 - 26.10.2002

01 Intro
02 Everything In Its Right Place
03 I might be Wrong
04 Sail To The Moon
05 Like Spinning Plates
06 There There
07 Pyramid Song
08 Lucky
09 After The Gold Rush

CD 02 - 27.10.2001

01 Intro
02 Street Spirit
03 Morning Bell
04 Nice Dream
05 I Might Be Wrong
06 Sail To The Moon
07 Like Spinning Plates
08 True Love Waits
09 Paranoid Android

CD 1 - Flac Part 1 Part 2
CD 2 - Flac Part 1 Part 2

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Jónsi - Brighton 2010 Rás 2 FM

Jónsi - Brighton 2010 Rás 2 FM

Six songs only, sadly missing the new song he performed here but anyways a top quality [as always] recording from Icelandic Radio. You can download a complete audience recording I made myself ! :HERE:

Set List:

01 Stars In Still Water
02 Go Do
03 Boy Lilikoi
04 Animal Arithmetic
05 Around Us
06 Sticks & Stones

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Peter Broderick - Questions & Answers

Peter Broderick - Questions & Answers

By chance I saw that Peter had invited people to email him from his website with any questions and he would try to answer them all. In a typically inspired Peter Broderick way, he answered 16 questions in words and music.
I thought this was a wonderful idea and was myself inspired to put them all together into a sort of 'fantasy album' to see how they fit together
I like it. I hope if you are also a fan you will like it as well.
I also hope it attracts more people to Peter's music... It really is rather good. There are 15 song/answers ranging from 28 seconds to 5 minutes including a couple of unreleased songs. A very lovely listening experience

Track List:

01 Dear Jana, Inspiration Question
02 Dear Diego, I Don't Understand the Question Question
03 Dear Bryan, Falling Asleep Question
04 Dear Andrew, Parental Musical Influence Question
05 Dear James, Creation Question
06 Dear Helena, What Has Music Allowed You Question
07 Dear Damien, Below It Question
08 :broken:
09 Dear Matt, I Wish I'd Written That Song Question
10 Dear Mark, Liverpool Question
11 Dear Colin, Life Long Question
12 Dear Fritz, Album Art Question
13 Dear Sandy, Words On Home Question
14 Dear Jarema, Lyrical Question
15 Dear Jed, Creative Drought Question
16 Dear Alex, Bella Union Song Question

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