Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dead: Update 3

Edit: Update

Despite numerous conversations and offering many rational suggestions Mediafire has shown nothing but a stalwart attitude, based on 3 complaints, all of them posted with no knowledge or intention of them being illegal on my part. Despite this pitiful number of complaints, which over thousands of post amounts to virtually nothing. Apart from the obvious, its not clear why they and many other similar companies have started acting in this, at best childish / at worst, evil manner.
Looking more deeply its clear this comes from such mental poisons as greed, arrogance and selfishness...mostly greed.

This site started as a place for fans to download and enjoy re-mastered concerts of Sigur Rós.
It started to include other artist's music after I asked the wonderful Sam Lee (The Tumbled Sea) if I could offer a few tracks to people from his self titled first album as the beauty of his music moved me very much and as such I wanted to share this beauty with others. This attitude i thought a good way to give something back to the Artists by promoting what I thought was heart moving music. It was going well, with over 5000,000 hits until a company called the IFPI reported a live concert link of 'A Winged Victory for the Sullen' to Mediafire.
Mediafire, where then driven by my other 3 reports from previous years to blanket ban my account with no chance for defense or discussion. Not what you might call good business.

Anyway, my goal has always been to provide a place where fans of Sigur Rós can enjoy Re-Mastered concerts should they wish. With that in mind I wont be posting any more on this site but will endeavour to continue and finish the concerts over on Victory rose Lossless at some future date ...where my heart lies

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nils Frahm - Sessions

Two sublime sessions from a favourite of Victoryrosemusic, Nils Frahm. The 'Watershed Session' has some great dialogue from Nils interspersed with the first half but the last half has him just playing which you'll understand why when you listen! The 2nd track features an extraordinary full 22 minutes of sublime music that has to immersed into.

[MF] Download

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Other Lives - Paris 06.06.2012

Really lovely quality hour long concert from folk rockers Other Lives. There is the video as well which I will upload if requested. I don't have a lot of time at the moment so some of the tracks may not be cut correctly... If the audience is applauding then the track ends there! :)
Thanks to Aline x

[MF] Download

Rhian Sheehan - 'Sileo' Exquisite New free track

To celebrate the new release of Rhian's new 2xCD release on Precco Records, Rhian has released a new track 'Sileo' for free download. Its beyond beautiful. Any fans of Sigur Rós will love it!