Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Future of Sigur rós

Georg told fréttablaðið today that sigur rós probably won’t be releasing any records this year.

“we’re all pretty busy at the moment so sigur rós is just taking it easy. when we have time we meet up and write new stuff at our own pace. we have some ideas and foundations but nothing final, since we’re not really in a rush. jónsi’s pretty preoccupied with his own projects these days and we’re gonna let him do his thing.”

when asked about what he thinks of jónsi’s solo album:

actually, i’ve only heard that new song on the radio [boy lilikoi]. jónsi still hasn’t let me hear the album, i don’t know if he’s too bashful to let us hear. but the new song is really great, and very jónsi-like.

jónsi has also been talking about sigur rós in new interviews about his upcoming solo record. sigur rós had recorded some new material last year, which at the time was described as ambient and atmospheric, but according to jónsi they will probably start all over again.

we started working on something a few months ago, then we scrapped everything and sold our studio and rehearsal space. now we are back in the drummer’s garage, rocking out like we did when we were 14. i think it’s gonna be good.”

Explosions in the Sky - The Rescue - FLAC

Explosions in the Sky - The Rescue (Free EP) - FLAC

By no means a new release BUT very rare as it is a Lossless version.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Jónsi - Go Do

Studio version of the title track - Go Do (radio rip)
3 Acoustic songs from Go Do (link)
(with thanks to mystery falls down)

Friday, 29 January 2010

Sparklehorse - Radio Sessions 1999 - 2007 Re- Masters

Sparklehorse - Radio Sessions 1999 - 2007

Ive always been a big fan of Sparklehorse so I thought it would be nice to re-record and re-master these shows and
post them together.
They are all fantastic shows highlighting Mark at his most mellow, laid back and wacky best. Many of these
versions are different from the album versions. If you haven't heard Sparklehorse before but you like simple,
dreamy acoustic music you will love this.

KCRW 26.03.1999
01 Intro.
02 June Bug
03 Sunshine
04 Interview 1
05 Unknown
06 All Night Home
07 Interview 2
08 Unknown
09 Sad And Beautiful World
10 Daniel Johnston Song

KCRW 07.11.2001
01 Intro
02 Its A Wonderful Life
03 Eye Pennies
04 More Yellow Birds
05 Interview
06 Saturday
07 Unknown

MPR 20.02.2007
01 Return To Me
02 Interview 1
03 Saturday
04 Interview 2
05 Spirit Dutch

KEXP 14.02.2007
01 Spirit Dutch
02 Painbirds
03 Sad And Wonderful World
04 Weird Sisters

(New links 04.2013)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Iron & Wine + Calexico - Triple Door, Seattle 10.22.2005

Iron & Wine + Calexico - Triple Door, Seattle 10.22.2005

This is an oldy but a new version for me as I have done some work to improve the quality. Very beautiful, mellow
show with one of the most gorgeous versions of Wild Horses I've heard. Lovely stuff

Set List:

01 He lays in the reins
02 Red dust
03 Prison on route 41
04 All tomorrow's parties
05 A history of lovers
06 Dead mans will
07 Wild horses

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Nico Muhly - Motel Mozaique 11.04.2009

Nico Muhly - Motel Mozaique 11.04.2009

After all the publicity with Jónsi's new album I thought it would be a good
time to share this amazing concert from Nico who worked on the
orchestral elements of 'Go' Nico is joined on stage with Sam Amidon,
Nadia Soroto & Valgeir Sigurson.
The quality of the sound with this concert is just outstanding. Enjoy

(there may be a problem with t06. (mediafire version only) If so - Download here)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Jónsi Birgisson - WNYC Radio Session 21.01.2010 + Interview

Jónsi Birgisson - WNYC Radio Session 21.01.2010 + Interview

For the first time tonight we heard some previews of Jónsi's new album,
due to be released in March. Jónsi plays three 'very' stripped down,
basic acoustic versions of coming songs from the album.
Very Beautiful indeed. Not to be missed.
Thanks to Darren for making this possible
06.04.2010 - Re-recorded/Re-Mastered/ Re-Mixed - better quality :)

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Language of Landscape - Memories Fade Under A Shallow Autumn Snow

Language of Landscape - Memories Fade Under A Shallow Autumn Snow

This album has been a real treasure find. Its the MOST beautiful, most minimal, modern classical music I have
ever heard. Imagine 'The Tumbled Sea' slowed down 10 times. Its just exquisite. I hope you also find it as
compelling as I have
You can download it in any format you want lossy/lossless from the Bandcamp site. They do ask you to sign
up for a newsletter but you un-subscribe whenever you like.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Explosions in the Sky - Live Vancouver - 03.05.2007 Re Master

Explosions in the Sky - Live Vancouver - 03.05.2007 Re Master

If you only ever get one Explosions live bootleg, then get this one. This
is a fresh master recently done for a friend. I'm gonna stick my neck
out and say this is probably the best bootleg there is of Explosions.
The sound is just amazing, the balance is perfect and even in the
loudest most 'frantic' moments every instrument can be heard
clearly. Enjoy
NB:Mp3 tags corrected

Set List:

01 First breath after coma
02 Welcome ghosts
03 With tired eyes
04 Your hand in mine
05 Greet death
06 Catastrophe and the cure
07 The only moment we were alone

[MF] Download mp3 - Download (new link 30.01.10)
[MF] Download Flac - part 1 part 2 part 3 part3(RS)
Ps Ignore the name of the files. It IS Vancouver 2005

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Upcoming Posts - Please Read

I still have some nice things to post but Im going to working mainly on re-uploading all the Sigur Rós concerts in FLAC & MP3 with Mediafire. Starting with 1998. Im also going to checking them as I know there is 1 or 2 Im not 100% happy with.

Iron & Wine - Lowlands 21.08.2009 VIDEO

Iron & Wine - Lowlands 21.08.2009 VIDEO

I've been waiting for ages to get a video of Iron & Wine in concert. The wait has been worth it. This concert
is just amazing. Sam plays with a line up of incredible musicians with the result of some beautiful and
quite surprising rock moments of a seriously grand and yet mellow & funky nature! The sound track is
available in FLAC. Not all the tracks have not been cut individually as there was a lot of
improvisation between tracks.
NB: The video over runs a little bit after the end!
Download FLAC - part 1 part 2

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New Links Coming + new provider

Thanks so much to those who sent donations. Im going to start using Mediafire as back up for links to begin with and if they work out for everyone I will use Mediafire for the main links.
In essence this means that to download as a free user you have:
~direct links
~no waiting
~no speed limits
~no file deletion
~multiple simultaneous downloads
~download accelerators supported

Im going to re-upload all the Sigur ros which will of course take some time however if you wish for a particular concert now, please just request it.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sigur Rós - Tíu lifandi *UPDATED 4th CD' Added *

Due to many requests I have now finished the 4th and final CD of Tui lifandi - A Celebration of 10 years of Live Music.
I originally only intended to make 2 CD's so thank you to everyone who requested more. Im glad you did, its an amazing collection.
NB: I've just realised (now I've finished) that the CD's are mixed to be listened to as a complete concert so its possible that if you skip to another track it may not start at the very beginning of that song. This was done so as to create, as much as possible, a seamless listening experience. Even though the songs are taken from various concerts over 10 years it almost sounds like 1 long concert.
Ps. Still working out which concerts some of the songs are from!! I lost my notes.

Friday, 1 January 2010

We Play Endlessly / Ara Batur - Documentary VIDEO

We Play Endlessly / Ara Batur - Documentary VIDEO

Complete video. Encoded in .MKV video format which means a smaller file.
(Plays fine with Gomplayer, VLC, MediaPlayer Classic)

Part 1 We Play Endlessly
[SS] Download (04.08.2012)

Part 2 Ara Batur
[SS] Download (04.08.2012)

Peter Broderick - Music for Falling From Trees - VIDEO

Peter Broderick - Music for Falling From Trees - VIDEO

In a very similar vein to the Olafur Arnalds Dyad1909 ballet performance here is the 28 minute video of the ballet that Peter scored the music for.
NB: The file is split into 4 parts using '7zip' (right click file .001>7zip>extract files)

download p1
download p2
download p3
download p4