Thursday, 27 May 2010

Jónsi - 2010.05.26 HMV Forum, London - Mastered

Jónsi - 2010.05.26 HMV Forum, London - Mastered

Lineage: John Ramsey 'Signature Series' Stealth Bunaural Mics > Zoom H4 > Mastered (T-Racks/Ozone Suite 4, Waves) > FLAC Level 8 sbe > you.
Taper/Mastered: Jon@ Victoryrosemusic

This is the one!
I don't want to say too much about this one as I recorded it and mastered it myself but I will say that this recording is simply outstanding and is by far the best yet. I've put in well over 10 hours of work into this and am about 96% happy with the results... which is unheard off for me!
A lot of money, effort, planning and time went into bringing this to you at a quality that I desired We were extremely lucky with this particular performance, set list and certain other conditions. I truly hope you enjoy it. For me it was pure magic.
~ This has been Mastered to be listened to with no EQ. If you wish you may find it beneficial to start off listening with your EQ setting to 'flat' or 'off' and adjust according to your personal headphones/speakers etc. x

Set List:

01 Stars In Still Water
02 Hengilás
03 Icicle Sleeves
04 Kolniður
05 'Vibraphone Song'
06 Tornado
07 Sinking Friendships
08 St Naive
09 'Un-named New Guitar Song'
10 K 12
11 Go Do
12 Boy Lilikoi
13 New Piano Song
14 'Un-named New Piano Song'
15 Around Us
16 Animal Arithmetic
17 'Derek's Birthday Song'
18 Grow Till Tall

[MF] MP3 Download - Part 1 Part 2
[MF] FLAC Download - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 (P5-New link 29.05.10)
NB: Thanks so much to the guy who moved to allow me to stand right in the 'sweet spot'
Main + Extra photos in the Flac downloads with thanks to 'shimelle' - LINK

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Vashti Bunyin - WNYC Radio Session 20.12.2009

Vashti Bunyin - WNYC Radio Session 20.12.2009

I dont really know anything about Vashti other than she has been singing for a longggggg time. As you can see by the photo she was accompanied by Gareth Dickson (her guitarist) He also played some solo songs featured below.

Set List:

01 Diamond Day
02 Interview 1
03 Unknown
04 Interview 2
05 Train Song
06 Interview 3 + '17 Sugar Elephants' edit
07 Against The Sky
08 Interview 4
09 Wish Wanderer
10 Interview 5
11 Across The Water
12 Interview 6
13 I'd Like To Drive Around Your Mind
14 Interview 7
15 Well Read

[MF] Download FLAC Part 1 Part 2

Monday, 10 May 2010

Gareth Dickson - WNYC Radio Session 20.12.2009

Gareth Dickson - WNYC Radio Session 20.12.2009

Xtremely rare recording of Gareth playing live. 2 tracks + some interview from his shared set with Vashti Bunyan's set (of which will be posted soon)

Gareth Dickson - Noon (New Song)

I would like to introduce you to Gareth Dickson. If you dont know him & you like Nick Drake prepare to be very excited! He has played for many years with Vashti Bunyun as her guitarist but in 2009 he released his first proper album - 'Collected Recordings' Its a beautiful mellow, summer evening record with tracks that could well be believed to have been written and performed by Nick Drake. To quote:
“A solo artist singing and playing acoustic guitar – sometimes effected, his songs slip between a beautifully sparse, emotive fragility (recalling Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, etc.) and denser instrumentals (recalling Eno or Labradford). Very cool stuff.” Fatcat Records
Here's the twist, Gareth is so good at playing and singing like Nick Drake he has a project where he 'very rarely' plays Nice Drake Live, called 'Nicked Drake'
Check out the videos below to see how good he really is!
More coming...

Download mp3 - 'Noon' (publicly uploaded and shared by Gareth)

Jónsi - 2010-04-17 San Francisco, Amoeba Music - Re-Master NEW SOURCE

Jónsi - 2010-04-17 San Francisco, Amoeba Music - Re-Master NEW SOURCE

Lineage: Unknown> RE-MASTER > Flac

A new recording from a different source of the Amoeba Record Store gig. A more balanced recording overall with a good range. Enjoy x
With much gratitude to 'reachedout' for his gracious permission to allow this re-mastered concert to be shared with us

Set List:

01 Stars in Still Water
02 Icicle Sleeves
03 Kolnidor
04 Go Do
05 Sinking Friendships
06 Boy Lilikoi
07 St Naive
08 Outro

[MF] MP3 - Download
[MF] FLAC - Part 1 - Part 2

(links should be correct now)

Picture courtesy: redapplkesfall

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Jónsi - KCRW Video - New Full Uncompressed version

Good news, Ive solved all synch/size issues. Apologies to those who have to download again and thank you for your patience.

KCRW Video

[MF] Download - Part 1 Part 2

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Jónsi - Coachella 17.04.2010 Re Master

Jónsi - Coachella 17.04.2010 - Re Master

Lineage: Church Audio CA14 Omni > CA9100 > Edirol 09HR 44.1Khz WAV

A great set with perhaps the most energetic performance yet from Jónsi, not surprising considering the venue! I was pleasantly surprised how well the re-mastering turned out for this one. The sound is very good considering its been recorded outside on a windy, hot day. The sound does sometimes 'sway' a little from left to right, I think from the wind, but this in no way detracts from the enjoyment. A few coughs have been removed from quiet sections and a small error with BCBooya's mic's becoming briefly unplugged during 'Grow Till Tall' has been corrected.
Many thanks to BCBooya for kindly allowing the re-mastering and sharing of this concert. Please find all details from the show [Here]

Set List:

01 Sinking Friendships
02 Kolnidor
03 Go Do
04 Boy Lilikoi
05 New Piano Song
06 Around Us
07 Animal Arithmatic
08 Grow Till Tall

[MF] MP3 Download

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Jónsi - Unreleased Songs

Jónsi - Unreleased Songs

This compilation (with the exception of 'Around Us') contains songs that Jónsi has not recorded or released yet. They are taken from Radio Sessions and Concerts from March - May 2010. I've been waiting for one final track of good enough quality to complete this compilation, which we now have. They come from different sources but I've mixed them to get a smooth as possible continuity, and to [hopefully] present the tracks in a way which makes sense, and to flow as an album! As of May 2010 there is no official word if these songs will be released at a later date.
Hope you enjoy it :)

01 St Naive
02 Around Us (Acoustic)
03 Time To Pretend
04 Icicle Sleeves
05 New Piano Song
06 New Guitar Song
07 K12
08 Stars In Still Water !

[MF] Download MP3
[MF] Download FLAC Part 1 Part 2

Part 2

09 'Vibraphone Song'
10 'Un-named New Guitar Song'
11 'Un-named New Piano Song'
12 Grow Till Tall - ABTV Version with mysterious voice mic vocals! (poor quality)

[MF] Download MP3
[MF] Download FLAC

Part 3

14 'Un-named New Piano Song-Version 2'

[MF] Download MP3
[MF] Download FLAC

Part 4

'Un-named New Piano Song-Version 3' - HMV
'Un-named New Piano Song-Version 4' - Paradiso

[MF] Download MP3

NB: The original 8 songs upload ends with a hidden track at the end of 'Stars In Still Water' Since the collection has increased since then, here is the same version of 'Stars In Still Water' but without the hidden track ending to allow for continuity in the flow of music.

[MF] Download MP3
[MF] Download FLAC

Part 5

17 'Un-named New Piano Song- Version 5 - Lowlands
18 Sticks & Stones - Lowlands (superb new version!)
[MF] Download MP3

Part 6

19 'Previously unheard spontaneous song'
[MF] Download MP3
(Link here for details)

Part 7

20 Brand New Song - Brighton
[MF] Download MP3

Part 8

Here are some of the better ones together in one place

01 St. Naive
02 Un-named New Guitar Song
03 K 12
04 Ukulele
05 Un-named New Piano Song
06 New Piano Song
07 Around us
08 Time To Pretend
09 Sinking Friendships (Acoustic)
10 Stars In Still Water
11 New Guitar Song
12 Vibraphone Song
13 Icicle Sleeves
14 Sticks & Stones

FLAC Will come in a weeks time when Im back on line

15 Piano Des - Download

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Jónsi - Vic Theatre Chicago, Illinois, USA 2010-04-27

Jónsi - Vic Theatre Chicago, Illinois, USA 2010-04-27
Taper Jon G.

Through the kindness of Jon.G we have an absolutely stunning show which has to be heard to be believed. The quality is just wonderful, very crisp & clean, a real delight to listen to. Jon has really done a superb job of recording & capturing the excitement from a Jónsi concert. This concert will in time become a classic.
A thousand thanks to Jon for allowing this be shared with us and for the efforts in uploading and providing the links. (The source file can be found in part 1 of both the mp3 and flac files)

01 Stars in Still Water
02 Hengilás
03 Icicle Sleeves
04 Kolniður
05 Tornado
06 Sinking Friendships
07 Saint Naïve
08 K12
09 Go Do
10 Boy Lilikoi
11 K365
12 Around Us
13 Animal Arithmetic
14 Grow Till Tall

flac16 parts 1-3

(t09 -

LAME 320 parts 1-2

(t14 -

Original upload on Dimeadozen -