Sunday, 30 October 2011

Explosions In The Sky - Doug Fir - In Studio Performance 10.09.2011

Nice to have a properly recorded live set from Explosions featuring songs from their latest album
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~ Thanks to KiDG for the awesome album art

Set List:  (thanks anon!)

1 Postcard from 1953
2 Be Comfortable Creature
3 Let Me Back In

James Blake - In Studio KEXP - 19.05.2011

James Blake - In Studio KEXP - 19.05.2011

A great set from James Blake. The more I listen to his music the more I like it. This set also includes an interview :) (there seems to be a slight error with the tagging as for me the interview was at the last track, So he says he will play more songs and then it finishes! :) Superb sound quality

Set List:

01 Unluck
02 Lindersfarne I&II
03 Interview
04 Limit To Your Love
05 The Wilhelm Scream

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Jóhann Jóhannsson - Iceland Airways, KEX Hostel 13.10.2011

Jóhann Jóhannsson - Iceland Airways, KEX Hostel 13.10.2011

Short but very sweet set from one of worlds pre-eminent Modern Classical composers

Set List:

01 Sálfrædingur
02 The Rocket Builder (Io Pan!)
03 Odi Et Amo

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Fljúgðu (Victory Rose) - Sigur Rós - 1st ever song [FLAC]

The first ever song recorded by Sigur Rós!
I thought it would be nice to give you the opportunity to hear it in its full glory. Over the years there have been many requests. Also the post is, kind of in honor of its name sake, the song that gave rise to one of the most extraordinary bands of this century...oh, and this blog :D
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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Sóley - KEX Hostel, Iceland Airways 11.10.2011

I have soft spot for Sóley at the moment. Her recent album 'We Sink' is lovely. As a member of the Icelandic Band Seabear she is carving a name for herself as a solo artist in that wonderful 'Icelandic Music Market' which is producing a torrent of intuitive and interesting music right now.
3 songs here, quite stripped down to their acoustic bare bones. Gives her wonderful Icelandic accent a prominent place here :p

Set List:

1 Smashed Birds
2 The Sun is Going Down
3 I'll Drown

[MF] Flac
[MF] Mp3

A video of another of her main performance at Iceland Airwaves

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Parachutes - Tour EP - FLAC

A somewhat bittersweet post. Hearing Parachutes in their full un-compressed glory is both a wonderful and sad experience. Wonderful in that it sounds simply glorious, sad in the knowing that the band no longer exists and if the forthcoming album would have sounded anything as great as these few tracks it would have something quite special. Anyway, enjoy :)
~ You can still download their entire discography :HERE: 
1 Your Stories
2 Tree Roots Turn To Forts
3 Where Were You?

[MF] Download - Flac

Sunday, 9 October 2011

James Blake - KEXP 2011.09.29

James Blake - KEXP 2011.09.29

Apparently you either love his music or hate it! Personally I am in the camp of love.
This special performance for the wonderful KEXP Radio provides an amazing set of 6 songs including his latest 'Enough Thunder' This is a must have performance, many of the tracks are presented in different forms. The audio is, as ever here on Victoryrosemusic above and beyond in terms of quality.

Set List:

01 Unluck
02 I Never Learnt To Share
03 Lindisfarne I&II
04 Limit To Your Love
05 Enough Thunder
06 The Wilhelm Scream

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Apparat - Berlin Festival 09.09.2011

Apparat - Berlin Festival 09.09.2011

A very new discovering to me. I've known of them for years and Im pretty sure listened to some of their music a while ago. Their new album 'The Devils Walk' released on Mute has really caught my ear, mainly through the video featrued here

[MF] Audio - Download
[MF] Video -   part1   part2   part3 - All credit to the original uploaders

Set List:

1.You House Is My World
5.Song Of Los
6.Candil De La Calle
7.Ash/Black Veil
9.Black Water