Wednesday, 17 November 2010

White Light Festival 2010.11.09 - Featuring Kjartan Sveinsson + Jónsi & Alex (Final Version - stunning quality)

White Light Festival 2010.11.09 - Featuring Kjartan Sveinsson + Jónsi & Alex
~ NEW! Final Version (stunning quality)- 23.11.2010

Absolutely stunning final version enjoying the benefits of having had some post concert mixing & mastering from the wonderful people @ WXQR Radio This is without exception the best live recording I have heard for a long time. Its clear they spent a lot of time and expertise on this incredible night of World Première's.

Archive Mastered Version:  (All of this will eventually be re-uploaded to Victoryroselossless)

Kjartan Sveinsson - Cage A Swallow Can't you, But You Can't Swallow A Cage - World Permiére
Kjartan Sveinsson - Credo (I Believe) - World Permiére
Jónsi & Alex - Riceboy Sleeps Live - World Permiére
~ Cage A Swallow FLAC
~ Credo FLAC 
~ Riceboy - 
NB: The Riceboy Sleeps Mp3 is one track but the Flac version has the tracks split

(complete but not as good quality as the above)

Set List:

1. Preamble with John Schaefer
2. 'In Hyrdraulis' - The Hilliard Assembly
3. 'Cage A Swallow Can't You, But You Can't Swallow A Cage (World Première) - Kjartan Sveinsson
4. 'Credo (I Believe) (World Premiére) - Kjartan Sveinsson
5. Interview with Conductor Jeffery Milarsky
6. Interview with Jónsi & Alex
7. Selections from 'Riceboy Sleeps' (World Première) - Jónsi & Alex

[MF] Download - New links 2013
Riceboy Flac - part1   part2
Credo Flac - download
White Light Festival All - mp3  

Jónsi - Washington DC 2010.11.09 - NPR Recording!

Superb full concert recording provided by the ever wonderful NPR. Sounds amazing
[NPR] Download 87mb (mp3)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Kjartan Sveinsson - Credo & Cage a Swallow Can't You... 2010.11.15 - World Premiere - Web Cast

Kjartan Sveinsson - Credo & Cage a Swallow Can't You But You Can't Swallow A Cage - 2010.11.15 - World Premiere - Web Cast

I don't really know what to say about this performance because if I start to write about how extraordinarily beautiful I found it I would be here all night! Performed by the 'Latvian National Choir' The Worldless Music Orchestra' and conducted by Jeffrey Milarsky
As with the Riceboy Sleeps below, although this sounds wonderful there is some evidence of audio artefacts due to the nature of the fact it was streamed over the internet and as such there will be (I hope!) a better recording coming soon. However, in the mean time please enjoy this wonderful piece of music from someone whom I believe will soon become known as an accomplished and renowned classical composer

~Final full quality versions of Riceboy Sleeps & Kjartan Sveinsson posted above~

Also featuring the sublime 'Hilliard Ensemble' - 'Cage a Swallow Can't You But You Can't Swallow A Cage' 5 Sonnets featuring the poems of Anne Carson.

~See Above~

More Info -Here- and -Here-

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Jónsi - Brand New Song 11.11.10

In a word...Beautiful. I really love the direction a lot of these recent songs that Jónsi has sung for only one or two shows are going. They seem softer than 'Go' more comfortable and mature. Sounds to me like there has been some sort of natural growth of three different types of songs: the songs from 'Go' itself which are very much Nico Muhly influenced, there are the original songs that Jónsi wrote acousticaly and now perhaps a new direction that these new songs that have been appearing in recent months may well signify?
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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Jónsi - Go Live DVD - Pre Order !

Jónsi - Go Live DVD - Pre Order !

‘go live’ is a film / live album double pack of jónsi’s hugely acclaimed solo show which is still going on as we speak. this beautifully conceived package includes reworked live versions of all of the tracks from the sigur rós singer’s debut solo album, ‘go’, as well as versions of all the other new songs he’s been playing on a tour that’s taken in four continents.

the film

the visual element of ‘go live’ is based around a film of the very first time jónsi and his band played the songs from ‘go’ to people at the final dress rehearsal for the tour in march 2010. filmed by fifty nine productions, the people responsible for jónsi’s celebrated stage design, the movie captures the never-to-be-repeated early stages of the productions development, in front of a small invited audience whose only price of admission was to dress as animals. interwoven with this footage is background interviews and behind-the-scenes clips of jónsi and band on the road, as well as exclusive versions of the unreleased ‘icicle sleeves’, ‘new piano song’, ‘volume pedal song’ and other untitled musical interludes to be found nowhere else. running time is 1 hour 14 minutes.

the album

the live audio part of the package is the entire jónsi hour-and-a-quarter live concert as played this summer, and features still more exclusive content, including ‘stars in still water’, ‘saint naive’, ‘icicle sleeves’ and ‘new piano song’, as well as a powerful live version of ‘sticks and stones’, the song written by jónsi for the end titles of ‘how to train your dragon’. housed in a hardback two disc “book”, ‘go live’ comes with lots and lots of personal pictures taken by the band on the road, throughout the 16-pages inside.

‘go live’ is intended as a finely crafted companion to ‘go’ and ‘go quiet’, and as such is being pegged at a special low price.


‘go live’ dvd tracklist:

1. hengilás
2. icicle sleeves
3. kolniður
4. tornado
5. sinking friendships
6. go do
7. boy lilikoi
8. new piano song
9. around us
10. volume pedal song
11. grow till tall

filmed live at 3 mills studios, london, 26 march 2010.

‘go live’ cd tracklist:

1. stars in still water *
2. hengilás
3. icicle sleeves
4. kolniður
5. tornado
6. sinking friendships
7. saint naive
8. go do
9. boy lilikoi
10. animal arithmetic
11. new piano song *
12. around us
13. sticks & stones *
14. grow till tall

recorded live at ancienne belgique, belgium, 29 may 2010, except * recorded at the dome, brighton, 14 september 2010.

Please go here for more info & ordering...

Ps: You get a nice little surprise when you pre order... :)

Jónsi - Vic Theatre Chicago, Illinois, USA 03.11.2010

Jónsi - Vic Theatre Chicago, Illinois, USA 03.11.2010

Lineage: Church Audio CA-14 Cardioid (DINa via hat-mount) > Church Audio CA-9100 4.0 > Darktrain mini-mini cable > Roland Edirol R-09HR 3.00 (Mic-in, unity gain, 24-bit/96kHz WAV) > SanDisk Ultra II 16GB SDHC > Transfer to PC via SanDisk MicroMate SDHC to USB adapter > Trader's Little Helper (FLAC Lvl. 8, FFP) > CD Wave Editor 1.98 (Tracking, exported as 24/96 WAV) > Sony sound Forge 10.0b (Channels balanced, EQ, fades, minor editing, dithered to/exported as 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV) > Trader's Little Helper (FLAC Lvl. 8, FFP) > Foobar 1.0.3 (Tagging, converted to LAME v0) > Dime/TTD/Mediafire

The last time Jonsi played in Chicago was back in April. We where lucky to get an amazing recording from Jon G. Yet again Jon has delivered. Superb recording. Huge thanks to Jon G for taping & sharing :)
Jon G's Notes: After seeing Jónsi twice back in late April (at the same venue no less!) I was excited to see Jónsi for a third and final time. Mountain Man was surprisingly better than I was expecting and were enjoyable. Jónsi was just as delightful if not more so than the first leg of the tour, but, this time the incredible stage from 59 Studios didn't make it due to logistical and financial issues. A backdrop used in conjunction with two projectors took its place instead.
Visually the show was not spectacular as the first go around for Jónsi was, but, musically they were refined, and yet again Doddi made love to my ears.
A couple things to note about the recording:
-This time around the show was sold out and the place was packed. Because of this there are quite a lot of outstanding clappers heard between songs as well as a chatty duo to the right of me, although they aren't so bad.
-The sound was mixed much different than the April shows and although I wouldn't say it's better or worse than before, it certainly is cleaner. Whether a new sound man was operating the board or this is the Jónsi sound evolving or both, I can't say, but, it's still oddly pleasurable to listen to just as the previous two recordings are.

Set List:

01 Stars in Still Water
02 Hengilás
03 Icicle Sleeves
04 Kolnidur
05 Tornado
06 Sinking Friendships
07 Saint Naive
08 Go Do
09 Boy Lilikoi
10 Animal Arithmetic
11 New Piano Song
12 Un-named New Piano Song
13 Around Us
14 Sticks & Stones
15 Grow Till Tall

[MF] Download - MP3v0
[MF] Download - Flac p1 Flac p2 Flac p3
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Peter Broderick - Supersonic Festival, UK 24.10.2010 - Mastered

Peter Broderick - Supersonic Festival, UK 24.10.2010 - Mastered

Lineage: Sound Professionals SP-BMC-12 Micophones -> Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-11 Battery Box (No Bass Roll-off) -> Sony PCM-M10 Recorder (16/44) -> WAV -> Audacity (Hard limit applause, amplify + fades) -> CD Wave (Track splitting) -> Trader's Little Helper (FLAC conversion etc) -> [Mastered] >You!

Finally, we have a great live recording of Peter at the recent Supersonic Festival in UK. Been looking forward to this for a long time having seen him live a few times. Peter is one a new breed of mutli-talented musicians out there who seem equally at home composing beautiful Modern Classical pieces such as 'Float' amazing dance scores such as the just released 'Music For Contemporary Dance' and intimate folk/singer songwriter albums such as 'Home' He also plays with Efterklang!
A thousand thanks to Ryan Foster for kindly taping and sharing this recording :)
(Original notes included within downloads)

Set List:

01 With The Notes In My Ears
02 Begin
03 Not At Home
04 Below It
05 Pop's Song
06 Something Has Changed
07 The Book She Wrote
08 Guilts Tune
09 Games Again

[MF] Download - MP3
[MF] Download - Flac P1 Flac P2

Jónsi - Videos

Noisevox interview
Origami In Store - Audio

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Doors - 1968.09.20 Stockholm Sweden, late show Re master

The Doors - 1968-09-20 - Konserthuset Stockholm Sweden, late show SBD - Re master

This is the first really good soundboard Ive heard of the Doors. I wanted to do a bit of mastering on this show to try to bring the voice out of the mix a little bit. Im not sure I succeeded ! but it still sounds fantastic and perhaps more importantly really captures Jim Morrison at his best. The mix as a whole is a little one sided. I tried to move things around a bit to balance it out but in the end Ive just left it. Strangely enough with the studio recordings of these songs all the instruments are almost exactly in the opposite space within the sound stage than they are in this live recording!
Hope you enjoy this one, a little different from the usual posts.
NB: Ive included the source notes as I couldn't contact the person directly

Set List:

1 Five to one
2 Alabama song
3 Back door man
4 Youre lost little girl
5 Love me two times
6 When the musics over
7 Wild child
8 Money
9 Wake up
10 Light my fire
11 The end

[MF] Download Mp3
[MF] Download Flac p1 Flac p2 Flac p3

Dollboy Meets Sone Institute - The Sum & The Difference

Been really enjoying this lovely warm acoustic/electronic mellowness :)

Dollboy Meets Sone Institute - The Sum and The Difference by frontandfollow