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Jasper TX - Victoryrose Exclusive Sampler

Im so happy that Dag allowed me to post a selection of favourite tracks from his albums to share with you. Dag Rosenqvist or Jasper TX as he records, is for me just the very best artist out there at the moment producing ambient drone music. What puts him apart from other musicians is the extraordinary patience, restraint and sense of space he imparts into his music. There are times within his music when certain elements come together with such perfection that it just feels totally right. I can't recommend this enough. I can personally attest to the fact that Dag puts his heart and soul into his music, and it really shows. :^)
I have held back from posting this so as to be the first post of 2010, or at least it will be when you download it. Its perfect music when your looking for something a little gentle, relaxing but engaging. Perfect for New Years Day !
Wishing you all a wonderful new year hopefully filled with joy and new discoveries

Jasper TX:

01 Blown out to sea, i'm never coming back - from the album 'I'll be long gone before my light reaches you'
02 Stillness - from the album 'Singing stones'
03 I will be birds when I die - from the album 'In a cool monsoon'
04 For at frelse en reisende - from the album 'Replica Archipelago'
Download (sendspace alternative link)

Slaapwel records (just re-released 'This Quiet Season')
(Jasper Tx's albums usually sell like hotcakes! If you cant find something you can email him on myspace)

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I know some of you have problems with Rapishare so I would like to start offering alternative links as well as to keep using the RS ones. However as it will cost more to start using 2 providers I decided to add a 'PayPal' link to the site. Its not there to make money from the music, you or the site Im just hoping to raise enough each month to pay for extra links for people
~ ~ So hopefully this would equate to you as a free user being able to download a whole concert in 1 single file only, at a good speed, from any country

Sigur Rós - Tíu lifandi *UPDATED Now 4 CD's *

Sigur Rós - Tíu Lifandi ‘A Celebration of 10 Years of Live Music With Much Gratitude From The Fans’

The tracks on this triple 'CD' are taken from a selection of concerts I have mastered and posted on this blog over this last year. I made this for a number of reasons.
To celebrate the completion of this year long project (to master the entire collection of live recordings from Sigur Rós) to celebrate 100,000 hits on the blog and as a way to commemorate 10 years of the most sublime live music.
The tracks I selected where chosen for the quality of the sound and performance and as a companion of sorts to the Heima OST. The tracks have been mixed in such a way that they blend into each other making a sort of 'fantasy concert' They are also tagged in such a way that CD’s should flow into each other without interruption.
Thanks to everyone who has helped with this blog including many who have left kind comments, suggestions, and corrections. Thanks also to all the other artists who have given permission for me to share their music with you, and thank you for visiting and I hope enjoying some of the music presented here. I hope it moves you as it has moved me.

NB: All the links are being updated. Having considered the many comments received I decided to add a third CD (now 4!) to this collection which in hindsight Im very happy to have done so !

CD 01

01 Mílanó.......................... - Beacon Theatre 01.11.2002
02 Nýja Lagið................... - Kampnagel 17.04.2001
03 Samskyeti................... - Radio City 21.03.2001
04 Viðrar vel til loftárása - Icelandic opera House 12.06.1999
05 Vaka........................... - Berklee Performance Centre 15.03,2003
06 Alafoss....................... - St Andrews Utd Church 01.10.2001
07 Salka.......................... - Washigton 06.10.2001
08 E-Bow....................... - Wiltshire Theatre 06.10.2001

CD 02

01 Hafssól.............. - In. Forum Tokyo 14.04.2003
02 Sven-G-Englar. - Portland 06.10.2008
03 Njósnavélin....... - Alte Feuerwache, Mannhein, Germany 22.006.2006
04 Samskifa............ - Oakland Paramount CA 08.04.2003
05 Andvari.............. - Gothernburg, Sweden 03.11.2005
06 Festival............... - Greek Theatre LA 02.10.2008
07 Guitardjamm..... - Oakland Paramount CA 08.04.2003
08 Starálfur............ - BBC Electric Proms 25.10.2007
09 All Alright.......... - Portland 06.10.2008

CD 03

01 Von................... - Sodra Teatern 20.12.2002
02 Ný Batterí......... - Beacon Theatre 01.11.2002
03 Gong-Andvari... - Firenze 24.11.2005
04 Dauðalagið........ - Montreux 07.13.2001
05 Frysta................ - Beacon Theatre 01.11.2002
06 Popplagið........... - Portland 06.12.2008
07 Ágætis Byrjun.... - Icelandic Opera 06.09.1999

CD 04

01 Flugufrelsarinn...... – Icelandic Opera House, Reyjkavík 12.06.1999
02 Olsen Olsen...... – Hamburg 17.11.2000
03 Svo hljótt..... - Portland 06.10.2008
04 Hoppípolla & Með blóðnasir....... – Boston 19.09.2008
05 Glósóli...... – Portland 06.10.2008
06 Hljómalind....... - Laugardalshollin, Reykjavik 28.08.1998
07 Fjöll í austri fagurblá..... - Dreikönigskirche - Frankfurt Germany 18.04.2001
08 Kem ég enn af köldum heiðum... - Dreikönigskirche - Frankfurt Germany 18.04.2001
09 Syndir Guðs..... - Icelandic Opera House, Reyjkavík 12.06.1999
10 Hugann seiða svalli frá..... - Dreikönigskirche - Frankfurt Germany 18.04.2001

(if you have already download the original CD 1 & 2 please download this revised Tr 09 All Alright, to ensure continuity when played with the new CD 3)

(On the original 2CD version of this project, CD 2 contained a hidden last track - the 'Vaka' performance from Last Call, one of the finest ever performances of this song. If you want to download that CD the link is here )

Link to Heima OST with alternative RS links HERE

*** [MF] FLAC & MP3 Folder ***

NB: I couldn't find a contact address for the artist to use the above album cover but you can find his wonderful work here:

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Olafur Arnalds - Dyad1909 - Video

Olafur Arnalds, one the most respected post modern classical composers recently released a new CD called Dyad1909. Its beautiful beyond words. Please enjoy for the 1st time Oli's music set to dance. I'm not a huge fan of ballet but this is just stunning !

The full length Ballet performance of Dyad1909. (hopefully to be released on DVD in 2010)

Alternative links below

The sky may be falling ...but the stars look good on you
24 minute Documentary featuring interviews & music

Apologies: to open and rejoin please use 7zip Its a free zipping utility. When installed >right click file .001 > 7zip > Extract here = The files now extract & open.

Stars of the Lid - Live

Stars of the Lid - Live

Two concerts here with over 1 hour of music - Superb stuff

Millvale Industrial Theatre 07.11.1999 - download
London 20.05.2008 - download p1 - - download p2

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Peter Broderick - Unreleased Flikr Tracks

Peter Broderick - Unreleased Flikr Tracks

Along with 2 new tracks freshly recorded this morning (19th December) please enjoy over 1 hours worth of 14 new tracks that Peter has kindly offered for free download.
I have put them all together into 1 album with each photo tagged to each track as he intended. In his own words:
Two songs for your ears
I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. A sincere thank you to the people who have been following this page.

These last couple days I've been alone in the house with ice on my knee, making some music for fun. Messing around with computer loops and words and voices. I'm often filled with a desire to surprise myself and make something different. Good different, bad different, doesn't really matter... Anyhow, that's what I tried to do, and these two songs are what I came up with.
The two new songs are called 'inside out there' & 'these walls of mine'

And the other songs:

These are recordings that will most likely never be released (or rather, THIS is how they are being released), which I have posted here for free download, pairing them which an image and some text.

Download (tagged music+photos) - - -
Sendspace link (if you have problems with RS)
Flikr (source of music & photo's)

Monday, 7 December 2009

Sigur Rós - Ancien Belgique Brussels 06.11.2000 - Re Master 09 NEW!

Sigur Rós - Ancien Belgique Brussels 06.11.2000 - Re Master 09 NEW!

Im very happy to be able to share another previously unheard treasure unearthed from the vaults, especially being such an early recording. A lot of work has gone into this particular concert to get it where it is as the original was very low and not the best quality. I am however delighted how this came out. One thing I should mention. Its possible that this concert is too fast or it may be just that they played faster that night than usual. Rather than go through the laborious task of slowing it all down (with the real possibility of causing more problems!) I decided to leave it as is. Now that Ive listened to it a few times I don't notice the speed anymore so . . .
A million thanks to Bias whose kindness made this possible

Set List:

01 Fyrsta
02 Nyga Lagio
03 Von
04 Njosnavelin
05 Olsen Olsen
06 Alafoss
07 Viorara Vel Til Loftara
08 Sven G Englar
09 Hasfol
10 Daudlagio
11 Popploagio

download p1
download p2
Send space link (if RS gives you problems)
FLAC (link)

Jonsi - Go - Website update . . .



It seems highly unlikely there will be any live performances of Sigur ros in 2010 however, in a recent press release :
Debut solo album released March 22nd, 2010 on Parlophone Records
Parlophone Records are proud to announce the release of ‘Go’, an
exhilarating, joyful and fearless album from Jón Thor
Birgisson, known to the world as Jónsi, the lead singer of Sigur Rós.

The choice to make an album of solo recordings came together as a
solution to a backlog of songs Jónsi had written that didn’t seem to fit within
the Sigur Rós context. The first collection of this material saw its release
earlier this year in the form of a record called ‘Riceboy Sleeps’, an instrumental album made with his partner, Alex Somers. ‘Go’, however, is a different beast
entirely. Ecstatic, dramatic and alive, it features Jónsi’s signature vocals throughout,
with the majority of the songs sung in English.

When he began working on ‘Go’, Jónsi initially though he would be making a low-key, acoustic album until, as he says, “somewhere along the line, it just sort of
exploded.” That explosion resulted in sheer fireworks. Not a straight ahead pop record, nor rock, folk, ambient or electronic, it encompasses all of these to
create an expansive musical palette that’s been brought to life by Jónsi
alongside a number of free-spirited collaborators.

Chief among these is Nico Muhly, the Philip Glass protégé who is renowned for his work with Björk, Antony & The Johnsons, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Grizzly Bear.
Nico has arranged all the songs on ‘Go’, bringing strings, brass and woodwind to
dance playfully alongside his offbeat piano playing.

Add into the mix the percussive genius of Samuli Kosmine, whose original
drumming powers many of the songs along, and you have a sonic landscape that bears little relation to anything else around today, yet explodes from the speakers
with sheer happiness and wonder, wide-eyed and eager to be heard.

‘Go’ completes a personal journey for Jónsi away from the wordless and near-brutal
sonic monoliths of Sigur Rós’ untitled ( ) album, and is a bold stride beyond the career-redefining pop of ‘Hoppipolla’ and even the explosive percussive assault of the last album’s ‘Gobbledigook’.

Above it all sits Jónsi’s voice, which has never been more impressive or breathtakingly arranged; here spectral and wraithlike, there fulsome and gorgeously warm, or other times, his backing vocals swoop and dart everywhere in a giddying array of crazed inventiveness. Indeed, ‘Go’ is also one of the most joyous
collections of songs you’re ever likely to hear. It’s an album that sounds like an
artist entirely out on his own, doing exactly as he pleases, and from the creator of
some of this decade’s most inventive, evocative music, we would expect nothing

Co-produced by Jónsi alongside Alex Somers and Peter Katis (Interpol) and
recorded at home in Reykjavik and at Peter’s Tarquin Studios in Connecticut in spring 2009, the album was mixed by Tom Elmhirst at Metropolis Studios in
London .

‘Go’ is the sound of an artist trying new things, breaking free of fear and discovering
freedom to do exactly as he pleases. ‘Go’ is also one of the most joyous collection of songs you’re ever likely to hear.

Jónsi will be bringing these songs to life with an extensive world tour throughout
2010. For more details on this along with exclusive Jónsi news, information and music check out where you can also download the wonderful track ‘Boy Lilikoi’ for free. And in case you’re wondering, a lilikoi is the Hawaiian word for passion fruit.

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In Session - Tiny Vipers, Tarentel, Mountains, Library Tapes, Gregor Samsa, Balmorhea, Adem

A selection of my favourite sessions from some of my favourite artists. All in one post because if I don't it this way it will take me ages to do each one! Quick summarys from the web included
Sessions are between 30 - 45 minutes in length. Some contain interviews.

Tiny Vipers 2009 - Transcending the mere folk tag (“She’s not telling stories; she’s after incantation and trance” — New York Times) - Download
Tarentel 2009 - Tarentel's sense of place is both concrete and amorphous, suggesting landscapes that are simultaneously familiar and alien, solid and shifting, glacial and arid. The band layers delicate, repetitive guitar grooves, computer blurbs, and found sounds into their dense and well-crafted productions to create infinite dramas in every song. Visitors to Tarentel's aural realm will be rewarded each time they listen to these tracks - Download
Mountains 2005 - Fond of clear and delicate soundscapes, Mountains’ Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp have been gathering praises since the release of their debut album last year. - Download
Library Tapes 2009 - . . . takes an emotionally wrought piano and allows it to languidly meander over a stirring landscape of half-glimpsed sonic sturctures and soundscapes that can't help but make an emotional impact on this listener. Gorgeous. Download
Gregor Samsa 2008 - With long standing ties to Richmond, VA experimental underground, Gregor Samsa blends the dynamic range of Godspeed You Black Emperor, the melodic subtleties of Slowdive, and the swirling guitar maelstrom of My Bloody Valentine into a fusion of hushed atmospherics and disorienting noisescapes. Download
Balmorhea 2009 - They shun the dynamics and electrics of rock. Instead, they hear a sound that is quieter and contemplative, a more refined music that's dipped in pastoral reverie, but touched by quirkiness. Download
Adem 2004 - Just two tracks from one my favourite ever singer songwriters Download
Enjoy . . .

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Múm - Great Wide Open Festival 04.06.09 Concert+Video

Múm - Great Wide Open Festival 04.06.09 Concert+Video

Múm at their very best playing mostly new material

Set List:

01 Illuminated / Marmalade Fires
02 Hullaballabalú
03 Blessed Brambles
04 A Little Bit, Sometimes
05 The Smell Of Today Is Sweet Like Breastmilk In The Wind
06 Show Me
07 Guilty Rocks / Dancing Behind My Eyelids / They Made Frogs Smoke 'Til They Exploded
08 Prophecies & Reversed Memories
09 Happy Birthday to Hildur
10 Sing Along
11 End of Sing Along / Green Grass Of Tunnel
Download Video:
[MF] - Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 - (Re-encoded to 600mb mp4 - 30.03.2011)
Sendspace links: part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5

Tired Tape Machine - Somewhere Safe

Tired Tape Machine - Somewhere Safe

Im happy to finally getting round to posting this little beauty. In itself its fairly simple, mostly acoustic guitar led
instrumental music but with great melodies running throughout. What intreges me the most about this album though
is that, to me it sounds like a great soundtrack to a film I havn't seen yet but one that never-the-less Im looking forward
to seeing . . . sort of! Anyway, have a listen and if you like it then then please follow the links below and buy it :^)
(Its a little ironic I wrote the above when you read the review below!)

Debut Album from Tired Tape Machine out now!

It’s no coincidence that Jose Gonzalez’ music was dropped in favour of Tired Tape Machine for the final scene in Swedish director Mikel Cee Karlssons film Hälsningar från Skogen (the soundtrack, released on Kningdisk, also included artists like Peter Broderick and Tape). Petter Lindhagen’s one man band truly personifies the wave of new music that finds its own voice without needing vocal chords. A wave of experimental instrumental music that strikes a balance between sadness and hope, chaos and order

On his debut album Somewhere Safe, Petter Lindhagen has single handedly written, produced and played all the instruments; a DIY-attitude that is also evident in the lovingly realized physical manifestation of the release. In tune with his entrepreneurial spirit, the album is self-released, digitally and – as the name might suggest– on cassette!

“There is a certain analogue romance that comes with the thought of this album being played on its namesake“ Petter laughs.

His description is not far-fetched. On Somewhere Safe xylophones are combined with melancholic harmonicas as well as acoustic guitars. It is cinematic quietness with grandeur.

“It might sound like a cliché but the music I make is a mix of pretty much everything that I listen to”, Stockholm resident Petter Lindhagen says.

With one foot in popmusic, Petter Lindhagen makes little genre experiments without ever losing a sense of the whole. Somewhere Safe is the sound of a truly unique artist who has created a sonic world of his own. Step right in.

Elina Wessman

journalist and critic

For more info or interview inquiries contact Petter Lindhagen at:

Also please download this awesome folk/rock/blues/psychedelic/ superb EP for FREE - captivating stuff
from 'The Nicholas Gospel Family Choir' ~download~

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TwinSisterMoon - In Session + Interview 27.09.2008

TwinSisterMoon - In Session + Interview 27.09.2008

Natural Snow Buildings is made of two french people, the female, Solange Gularte when doing solo work releases under the name TwinSisterMoon, and the male, Mehdi Ameziane, releases his solo work under the name Isengrind.
What we have here is not only an extremely rare live show of TwinSisterMoon but the only interview (that I've found) of Solange shedding a bit of light on the phenomina that is Natural Snow Buildings/TwinSisterMoon/Isengrind. TwinSisterMoon is perhaps more approachable than NSB being much more in the field of psych-folk than the more psych-folk/drone power of NSB. Anyway a very interesting interview and great music.
Edit: Changed the names around to make them right! (thanx Bias)

Set List:

1. The Spears of the Wolf
2. Interview Part I
3. To Breath Underwater
4. Water Barrier
5. Interview Part II
6. John Henry
7. Bride of the Spirits
8. Interview Part III
9. Comets
10. Interview Part IV
11. Spells


Natural Snow Buildings - In Session 27.09.2008

Natural Snow Buildings - In Session 27.09.2008

An extremely rare live recording of the French duo 'Natural Snow Buildings' one of the most extraordinarily prolific, unique and fresh sounds of any band out there today. Its hard to describe the music itself but fans of God Speed You Black Emperor will find themselves quite at home.


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"..." - Unreleased Album + 2 tracks from 'Transcendance'

Every now and again I stumble upon something so thoroughly lovely that I immediatly contact the artist and beg for some music to share with you on Victory Rose. Happily Jacob let me post these 2 tracks from the soon to be released album 'Transcendance'
The music reminds me of 'The Tumbled Sea' (one of my records of the year 2008) having that wonderful quality of peaceful restraint and warm emotion that just shines through. Jacob also kindly let me post his 1st Album, until now, never released. In itself its a great album as well with some brilliant electronica touching on the perfection of 'The Album Leaf'
Transcendence will be available on Itunes, Amazon, Deezer etc in a few weeks time. I will let you know

Download 'Stranded & Listen' from Transcendance
Download 1st album - fresh link 30.11.09 - If this link doesnt work, try this one - Link 07.12.09
Listen to 'Transcendance on myspace

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Machinefabriek - 'Vrijhaven' - live The Hague 08.10.2008

Machinefabriek - 'Vrijhaven' - live The Hague 08.10.2008

A very nice & rare track from one of the most talented experimental/drone/ambient artists to this day, the talented Rutger Zuydervelt. This single 23 minute long track was offered for free download from the 'Rusland 3" cdr.
I have also included 3 separate interviews for your enhanced pleasure! (as word documents) and a discography from 2008 and 2009.

Machinefabriek myspace

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Parachutes - Discography

Sad news. The band Parachutes has officially announced today they will no longer be playing together. However they have kindly made available for free download, all their music including their new EP 'Tree Roots'. In the words of the band themselves . . .

Hey everyone,
it was over a year ago that we played our last concert...
since that night we have all been up to a lot of really good things… having babies, making new music, making art exhibitions, traveling, singing in choirs, playing in other bands, and all kinds of mischief…

we wanted to thank you folks for your continued support and kindness.. .but we thought it was also right for us to let you know that we are not playing together anymore. and we have no plans to continue playing together…. NOW, that doesn't mean that we didn't have fun last year touring and having good drunken times together, because those were some amazing times. but we are all excited to keep trying new things and new projects…

so here you can can download (for free!) our two albums and our ep. the first album is from 2003, just called "Parachutes". our second album was recorded on a mountain top castle in italy in 2004. That album is called "Susy", named after the beautiful dog living with us on that mountain. Last is our ep "Tree Roots" made in 2008, recorded in reykjavik iceland, and mixed by jónsi.

thanks again for everything...
alex, scott, tinna, thordis, brandan, kari, aaron, bibbi, kristinn...
myspace page (including announcement & original download link)

download part 1 contains two full length albums as indicated below
download part 2 contains two live concerts + the EP 'Tree Roots' and the EP 'Demo' which includes instrumental versions of tracks from 'Tree Roots' + extra songs 'Birdpumkin', 'Paper Birds'
and 'Grass Leaves'
NB: you can download the track 'Grass Leaves' alone from a link in the comments (with thanks to Chris)

[SS] Download (new link 04.08.2012) - Albums - 'Parachutes' & 'Susy' -
[SS] Download  (new link 04.09.2012)   - EP's - 'Tree Roots' & 'Demo' & Live - 'In Alex's Living Room' & 'Chicago 24.09.2008' - (EP's & Live are in one folder)

~ New! 30..10.2011~ Tour EP {FLAC} pending

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek - In Session 05.10.2009

Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek - In Session 05.10.2009

Absolutely stunning. You will love this (hopefully...!) Peter's violin, voice and piano and the drone/electronic genius of Rutger give 30 minutes of really beautiful submersive music. This session is actually the 1st time the both of them played together live, which can only increase ones respect for these musicians. Peter and Machinefabriek have an album coming out very soon which you can now pre-order. Link below
Edit: CD is released on November 14th - 2 days time! (if you read this today) yipeee!!
PPs: If you enjoy this, please try the album 'Drawn' - its amazing. listen here -Link-
Ps - sorry, forgot to mention. These sessions are 128kbps. Apologies, but the quality and the content far outways the low bit rate.
download - NEW ~ 320mp3 + FLAC HERE
New album link
Machinefabriek my space

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Peter Broderick - In Session 08.06.2009 + New Songs

Peter Broderick - In Session 08.06.2009 + New Songs

Absolutely stunning 30 minutes of music from the great Peter Broderick. Many of the songs here are different versions and also included are two new songs. Wonderful, reminiscent of one of his latest albums Home (reissue) 2cd edition (which is also really beautiful)
Ps: Peter has a new CD coming out on Slaapwell records which Matt tells me is absolutely beautiful (its not officially announced yet but it should be sometime in December) + here is a link for his new CD with Machinfabriek

Set List:

01 Everything i know (new song)
02 Piano solo (previously unreleased - now on 'Home Re-issue)
03 Ceasefire
04 Below it
05 Games Again (piano version)
06 Yellow bus
07 I am piano (new song)
08 Its alright (solo version)

download ~ NEW 320 mp3 + Flac HERE
Peterbroderick myspace

You can find Peter's Tour Ep & an 'Oddities Podcast' HERE (explanation from the podcast below)

1. (0:00-1:54) Atlantic (early version) -- This is an early version of a melody I ended up using for a short film called Atlantic by an Irish filmmaker named Conor Ferguson. The final version is much slower, and more a-tempo. This version is much more square and concise.

2. (1:54-4:10) Let Go/Hold On -- This is a little folk song I recorded sometime in the beginning of 2007. I think it was right around the time I finished my album Float. It was not a song I had ever planned to release. More just something I recorded for myself...

3. (4:10-7:18) Untitled for Piano #1 -- I think this was the first piano piece I wrote after moving to Copenhagen last Autumn. I played it once live, at my first European concert, which was Le Havre, France, and haven't played it much since... This recording of the song was made when I went back to the states at Christmas time. I met up with an old friend and we went to a nearby church and took turns recording piano songs on the wonderful grand piano in there.

4. (7:18-8:04) Untitled Advert Sketch -- Sometime last Spring I was in competition to have a piece of music in an advertisement for a car company (who's name I'll leave undisclosed), and I came up with this short piece. After hearing it they came back and told me it was too somber, and that they were looking for something more "masculine and bold", haha! Anyhow, I kind of like this little piano melody, so I'll probably end up re-using it for a longer piece in the future.

5. (8:04-11:34) To Rid the Stomach of Any Pains -- I wrote this song for a very special friend. Her stomach really bothers her from time to time, and so one day when it was particularly bad, I recorded this song and emailed it to her. There's kind of a bad mistake towards the end, but for some reason I just decided to leave it in there.

6. (11:46-15:08) Untitled Trio for Piano, Viola, and Melodica -- This song has been floating around in my mind for a while, and it's one that I often play when I sit down at the piano. But I'm not sure if it will ever fit in on an album... I recorded this version in December 2007 at my old violin teacher's house. She and her family were out of town so they let me use their house to record some things. They have a nice baby grand piano, and the viola and melodica are from there as well.

7. (15:08-21:21) Sketch for Ralph Etter -- While I was staying with my mother around Christmas time last year, I recorded a few things on her little out-of-tune spinet piano. This one is a sketch for a filmmaker living in Berlin. He's made some incredible short films, and I'll hopefully be working with him on his first feature film soon.

8. (21:21-23:10) Untitled for Piano and Violins -- Another song I recorded on my mother's piano last December. This is just a short little idea I had, written for nothing in particular...

9. (23:10-25:32) Sketch for Ger Leonard -- The third and last thing recorded on my mother's piano. This one was for a filmmaker from Dublin. He sent me an absolutely beautiful script for his first feature film, and I wrote this little sketch based off the script. I highly doubt this will end up in the film, but you have to start somewhere, right?

10. (25:32-27:36) Untitled for Piano #2 -- This is just another little idea that's been floating around in my head for a while that will probably never be used for anything. Recorded in the same session as the Untitled Trio at my old violin teacher's house.

11. (27:49-31:00) Another Glacier (alternate version) -- An alternate version to a song off my album Float. At one point I was trying to see if I could play all the songs on the album on the guitar (rather than the piano). I managed to figure out most of them, but this is the only one I actually recorded.

Peter Broderick is a musician/composer currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he plays violin in the Efterklang live band. He has recorded and/or toured with several groups/musicians (Horse Feathers, M. Ward, She & Him, Norfolk & Western, Laura Gibson, etc.), and is a regular session musician at various recording studios. His solo work is quite varied, but is often grounded by piano and/or strings.

Comment from Peter:

"Hello. This is a collection of unreleased material from the last year - some sketches for films, some pieces that never really got finished, etc. It's possible that one or two of these will be redone for future releases, but most of them are just sketches and ideas that don't quite fit in anywhere. I hope you will enjoy them!."

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Great News!

Havn't been any posts for a while but there are some amazing & 'exclusive to Victory Rose' posts coming soon.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Efterklang - Wide Open Places - Session 06.09.2009

Efterklang - Wide Open Places - Session 06.09.2009

Mpeg 10 minute video capture of 2 live acoustic songs from Efterklang in, what I think is a Lighthouse! Not the best video in the world but if you are a fan, a must have. Enjoy

[MF] Download
New links 12.2011

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Sigur Rós - Berkley Performance Centre 15.03.2003 Re re Master & Re Post 2009

Sigur Rós - Berkley Performance Centre 15.03.2003 Re re Master & Re Post 2009

Another happily corrected gem of a concert. Some drop out issues now corrected and a more mellow rounded out sound. The first master i did had far too much 'treble' in parts. Apologies for that but I hope your enjoyment of this corrected version makes up for any inconvenience in having to re-download it. It really is a wonderful concert.

NB: Because the original was mastered from mp3 this is only available in FLAC. (Please don't be concerned about the quality having been re mastered from an mp3. If the results weren't significantly better it wouldn't appear on the blog!)

An absolutely fabulous concert with all the right ingredients, crystal clear recording with huge and punchy sounding drums and a real 'live' exciting quality to it. Its one of those concerts where Jonsi sings in such a way that his voice seems to travel quite freely and unrestrained in the songs, very dream like and quite beautiful. I think this particular set list is becoming my favorite. Enjoy

Track List:

01 Vaka
02 Milano
03 Samskyeti
04 Ny Batteri
05 Gong
06 Salka
07 Olsen Olsen
08 Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa
09 Hafssol
10 Smaskifa
11 Popplagio

download p1 (flac)
download p2 (flac)
download p3 (flac)
download t10 Smaskifa (apologies, got lost in the process)

Grouper - Live ATP Festival 08.05.2009

Great quality recording of Grouper at this years ATP. Review:

It was most rewarding to see that All Tomorrows Parties gave Portland OR's Grouper (AKA Liz Harris) the larger room for her September 12th set from Kutsher's resort in the Catskills; the glacial, elegant movements of her solo performances (armed only with guitar, voice, and FX) were befitting of a past-its-prime ballroom where the spectres of 1950's-1970's entertainment loomed large. That and the fact that a large room's acoustics were perfect for her; in front swirling projected images Harris projected murky, oceanic melodies, lumbering overtones and dreamlike drones, all a seemingly symphonic creation all at the hands of one person and a guitar. It sounded very controlled yet completely vague and very much non-digital sounding. Surrounded by this, you feel completely transported by these dense yet never-overpowering clouds of sound, always distant, but directly connected your cortex in a way I think even My Bloody Valentine could not quite accomplish with their live barrage last year. Comparisons to Arvo Part meets Throbbing Gristle are definitely accurate; there's an epicness about Grouper's music that never quite releases its sense of foreboding while at the same time aims to sooth the soul.

[MF] Download mp3

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Latest Sigur Ros project !

Im currently working on what will be a very special collection of live tracks entitled something like 'Sigur Ros - A Celebration Of 10 Years Of Live Music' Partly out of gratitude to the band for 10 years of sublime music and partly as a round up of all the concerts that i have re-mastered and posted over the last year, both here and on the Loss-less blog. The songs featured will be selected from the very best quality and will cover the period from 1999 to 2009.
~If any tracks have really stood out for you then please leave your comments below. Your help, comments and involvement will be and is always appreciated~

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Sigur Rós - Montreux Jazz Festival 13.07.2001 V2 - Re Master+Re Post

Sigur Rós - Montreux Jazz Festival 13.07.2001 V2 - Re Master+Re Post

When I Posted this show the first time there was a great sound originating from the soundesk, but now having some time to re listen to some of the earlier shows there were 1 or 2 I felt could be improved upon, especially shows as important as this one.
To my ears, the original sounded a little muddy and muffled so in this version the sound is brighter. Now there is more added clarity and sparkle, you hear more of the cymbols for example and Jonsi's voice is lifted higher and comes across more clearly and strongly. There is slightly more hiss but probably not enough to notice
~ If you are happy with the original then keep it but I hope you may appreciate and enjoy this version a little more ~ Its my intention to get the best out these wonderful concerts so I feel the improvement has been worthwhile

Set List:

01. Intro
02. Nýja Lagið
03. Fyrsta
04. Samkeyti
05. Svefn-G-Englar
06. Ný Batterí
07. Vaka
08. Mìlàno
09. Olsen Olsen
10. Dauðalagið
11. Hafssól
12. Popplagið

Please refer to the latest 1st Gen master before downloading -

Rimmur EP - FLAC

Rimmur - Re-Post FLAC

I posted this a long time ago but have had quite a few requests for a higher quality so at last we have a FLAC version.
Rímur is a limited EP record released independently by Sigur Ros featuring Steindór Andersen performing rímur. It was sold during the band's spring 2001 tour. Only 1000 copies of the EP were printed. A live performance of "Hugann seiða svalli frá" with Steindór later appeared on the band's 2007 DVD release Heima, with the title "Á Ferð Til Breiðafjarðar Vorið 1922".

Track Listing:

  1. "Kem ég enn af köldum heiðum" – 6:19
  2. "Til ei lætur tíðin mér" – 1:00
  3. "Fjöll í austri fagurblá" – 6:00
  4. "Slær á hafið himinblæ" – 1:29
  5. "Hugann seiða svalli frá" – 6:02
  6. "Lækurinn" – 5:50

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Efterklang - 'Into the Great Wide Open' Festival 06.09.2009 - Video / Concert

Efterklang - 'Into the Great Wide Open' Festival 06.09.2009 - Video / Concert

Truly amazing concert from Efterklang. Over an hour of music featuring new songs from their forthcoming album. The video is in 2 parts, sorry, just how it turned out. Unparalleled quality of sound on this one . It doesn't get any better than this!

Set List:

01 Swarming
02 Mirador
03 The Soft Beating (new song)
04 Cutting Ice To Snow
05 Alike (new song)
06 I Was Playing Drums (new song)
07 Mirror Mirror
08 Step Aside
09 Caravan
10 Chapter 6

(The tracks haven't been named/tagged)
Thanks to Rhubarbidoo! - AGAIN (track 3)

download p1 mp3
download flac p1
download flac p2
[MF] Video - Part1 Part2 Part3 - (new links 30.03.2011)

Sigur Rós - Beacon Theatre NYC 01.11.2002 Re re Master / Re Post V2

Sigur Rós - Beacon Theatre NYC 01.11.2002 Re re Master / Re Post

Edit: Thank you to Filip for this beautiful new cover art.

This is a concert I have Re mastered from a previous master I did, which again suffered from some quite bad drop outs that I later identified as compression issues, now corrected. Also the sound was quite sharp in places.
Im much happier with this one. The sound is much smoother, more balanced and richer. Defiantly worth a re-download if you already have this one. Highly recommended. Thanks to the kindness of the taper

Set List:

Ný batterí
Olsen olsen

download p1
download p2
FLAC link

Jóhann Jóhannsson - Live - Motel Mozaïque 11.04.2009 Video + Flac/Mp3

Jóhann Jóhannsson - Live - Motel Mozaïque 11.04.2009 Video + Flac/Mp3

Superb quality recording of this concert, on a par to the actual studio recorded CD's ! Highly recommended. Wonderful to finally have a video of Jóhann playing live. Not to be missed

Set List:

01 Jói & Karen
02 Melodia (I)
03 Fordlândia - Aerial View
04 Englabörn
05 Part 1 IBM Processing Unit
06 Sálfræðingur
07 The Sun's Gone Dim and the Sky's Turned Black
08 Odi et Amo
09 Melodia iv
~ Thanks 'broken chord' for track corrections ~

[MF] Video - part1   part2  (split into 2 parts with 7zip)
Download FLAC
Download MP3

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Monday, 28 September 2009

Sigur Rós - The Fillmore 23.09.2008

Added the Lossless version of this extraordinary show over on Victoryroselossless

Sigur Rós - Lincoln Theatre, Washington DC 04.11.2002 Re Master 09

Sigur Rós - Lincoln Theatre, Washington DC 04.11.2002 Re Master 09

I love this concert, it has crystal clear sound and is one of the slowest most mellow concerts I have heard. Its one of those concerts where Jonsi just drifts off and sings to himself a lot in the background. A quite unusual version of Milano is extracted to the 'rare' post. Highly recommended . Thanks to the taper and to the patient source.

Set List:
01 vaka
02 Fyrsta
03 Samskeyti
04 Salka
05 Ný batterí
06 Njósnavélin
07 Svefn-g-englar
08 Mílanó
09 Hafssól
10 Olsen olsen
11 Popplagið

[MF] Download MP3 Part 1 Part 2

The Album Leaf - Paramount Theatre, Oakland US 08.04.2003 Re Master 09

The Album Leaf - Paramount Theatre, Oakland US 08.04.2003 Re Master 09

Probably the best live show available now of The Album Leaf out there?. Superb sound and a selection which includes all my favourite tracks from what I think was their best period

Set List:

1 - Wet The Day
2 - Essex
3 – Off White Room
4 - The MP
5 - Another Day
6 - Storyboard

download mp3
download flac

Sigur Rós - Paramount Theatre, Oakland US 08.04.2003 Re Master 09

Sigur Rós - Paramount Theatre, Oakland US 08.04.2003 Re Master 09

A new find! and a 10 /10 concert all round. Fantastic sound and one of those concerts where you feel such an incredibly exuberant joy and energy running through out its almost a privilege to be able to share it with the lucky people who were there. You can get some measure of how good this show is in that there are 3 alternative versions of songs on this one show alone. Download this one. Easily in my top 5 of all time. Thanks to the Taper for sharing.

Set List:

00 Vaka (missing)
01 Mílanó
02 Ný batterí
03 Gong
04 Olsen olsen
05 Njósnavélin
06 Viðrar vel til loftárása
07 Hafssól
08 Samskifa
09 Gítardjamm
10 Starálfur
11 Svefn-g-englar
12 Popplagið

09 Gítardjamm (Corrected Track -5 second repeat of crowd noise removed) download track

download p1
download p2

Sigur ros - Club Quatro Tokyo 14.10.2001 Re re - master + Re Post September 09

Sigur ros - Club Quatro Tokyo 14.10.2001 Re re - master + Re Post September 09

Another corrected version which is now flawless. Beautiful concert

This is quite an unusual post in that I have re-mastered from an MP3 320kbps instead of the usual uncompressed format. The reason I did this was because this is one of those very special old concerts with an amazing line up. Because the original file was an MP3 I have posted this as FLAC files. Personally I am very happy with it and feel it has very much been worthwhile. I hope you also enjoy this vintage classic. I think its worth a download if only to hear Jonsi singing in the background during Frysta - Havn't heard this before, its so beautiful

Track List:

01 Vaka
02 E-Bow
03 Sven-G-Englar
04 Alafoss
05 Lagið í gær
06 Olsen Olsen
07 Fyrsta
08 Samskyeti
09 Death Song
10 Ný batterí
11 Pop Song

download p1 flac
download p2 flac
download p3 flac - new link 23.12.09

Sigur Rós - Warfield, San Fransisco 04.10.2001 - Re re -Master + Re Post 09

Sigur Rós - Warfield, San Fransisco 04.10.2001 - Re re -Master + Re Post 09

Here is another Re re Master and re post. This corrects some slight drop out errors in quieter moments due to compression issues

A Lovely concert with just the right balance of songs. It comes over as very confident and relaxed. Many of the songs played here are played at quite a slow pace. This is one of the last concerts played in 2001. before coming back in April of 2002

Set List:

01 Vaka
02 Njósnavélin
03 Ný batterí
04 E-Bow
05 Nýja lagið
06 Olsen Olsen
07 Fyrsta
08 Samskyeti
09 Svefn-G-Englar
10 Dauðalagið
11 Popplagið

download p1
download p2

Friday, 25 September 2009

Lot more on the way !

Been getting a bit behind on my posting due to ill health and work commitments but I will have at least 7 (very special) new concerts to post which should be up within the week ` :^)

New Post in Rare & Unreleased

Quite an unusual version of Milano, I dont think Ive heard this version anywhere else before.
(full concert to follow shortly)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

New Post in Rare & Unreleased

Exquisitely beautifully sung Milano and a perfect Smaskifa from Oakland CA in 2003 - (full concert to follow shortly)

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Sigur ros - St Andrews United Church CA - 01.10.2001 FM Webcast (Re-Post & Re Master)

Sigur ros - St Andrews United Church CA - 01.10.2001
FM Webcast (Re-Post & Re Master)

I would like to start this collection of Re Masters with this one ,which for me is the very best Sigur ros concert available and is an essential concert for any fan to own. The quality is so good on this one I have decided not to make it available in MP3 but further to offer it in Apple Lossless M4A, which I personally hold to be the best Lossless codec available.
However dont worry ! -If you need to change it to be able to play it, you can change it into any audio format you want within
within iTunes itself. Also if you use foobar, here is a link to enable you to play M4A files [link]

01 Vaka
02 Njosnavelin
03 Ny Batteri
04 E-bow
05 Alafoss
06 Olsen Olsen
07 Frysta
08 Samskyeti
09 Sven-G-Englar
10 Daudlagio
11 Popplagio (fades out early near the end)

download M4A p1
download M4A p2
download M4A p3