Sunday, 1 August 2010

Emeralds - Live - NEW!

Emeralds - Live - NEW!

Real excited about this post. 5 live tracks from one of the most awesome bands out there, Emeralds. This is NOT the Live CDr they have released for sale but a collection of radio sessions in flawless 320 mp3 quality. Enjoy this rare & exclusive treat.


Anonymous said...

These are great-- many thanks!

Beach Sloth said...

Thank you, I adore Emeralds and all their side projects.

rhubarbidoo said...

Thanks Jon - this is superb. The 10/2/07 @ beachland tavern track IS actually the same as the 10/2/07 Cleveland, Ohio track from their official Live CD-R, but your version has about 3 minutes extra intro at the beginning. So, you rule :p