Thursday, 21 October 2010

Jónsi - Wiltern Theatre, LA - 17.10.2010

Jónsi - Wiltern Theatre, LA - 17.10.2010 - Webcast

Wonderful show as always from Jónsi & the boys. Really nice to hear how 'Sticks & Stones' is still developing as a live song, Its so well done now & sounds incredible live. Don't be fooled by this being a webcast, the quality of the audio here is quite possibly the best yet.
NB:There is a slight difference in the sound of track 1 + a couple of very small artefacts in track 2 but these are minimal. Enjoy :) (Lineage details included in the download)

Set List:

01 Stars in Still Water
02 Hengílas
03 Icicle Tears
04 Kolnidur
05 'Vibraphone Song'
06 Tornado
07 Sinking Friendships
08 St. Naive
09 Go Do
10 Boy Lilikoi
11 Animal Arithmetic
12 New Piano Song
13 'Un-named New Piano Song'
14 Around Us (Mistakenly tagged as Sinking Friendships)
15 Sticks & Stones
16 Grow Till Tall

[MF] Download Mp3
[MF] Download Flac - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this!

If you haven't seen the movie where Sticks and Stones comes from, "How To Train Your Dragon", I highly recommend it, it's great.

I tried to watch the NPR webcast of this show but was disappointed that is was so dark, you really couldn't see very much.