Friday, 25 February 2011

Nils Frahm - La Route Du Rock 20.02.2011

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A - d/l
The music speaks for itself. Nils Frahm, one of my favourite & most respected pianists/musicians out there performing today


RRCM said...

This is the best performance I have heard yet from Nils Frahm. Amazing.

Thanks for sharing.

Dave said...

Agreed. This is without doubt the finest performance of Nils that I've ever heard. Stunning.

Anonymous said...

thanks jon! this is great! best wishes! norman

victoryrose said...

Thanks so much Norman for the heads up. Gotta agree this really captures the emotive intensisty of Nils live. I had the good fortune of seeing him live a few months back and it really blew me away watching the impossible sounds eminating from his hands :)

dI-_-Ib said...

I was looking this! Thank you very much. I've been follow Nils for so time now.