Monday, 14 November 2011

Other Lives - privé sur le Mouv 03.11.11

Other Lives - privé sur le Mouv 03.11.11

A new find for me, Other Lives are such a great band, beautiful folk rock type complex yet simple interesting songs with great melodies. Their first album S/T had me captivated from the first song :)

Set List: (The tracks themselves aren't named, you can update the tagging yourself if you wish)

1 - As I Lay My Head Down
2 - Dark Horse
3 - Old Statues
4 - Landforms => Desert
5 - For 12
6 - Tamer Animals
7 - E Minor
8 - Weather
9 - Dust Bowl III
10 - Unkown
11 - Black Tables
12 - Unknown
13 - I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (Ramones Cover)
14 - Unkown
15 - The Partisan (Leonard Cohen cover)

[MF] Audio - download
[MF] Video - p1   p2   p3
More coming from Other Lives soon...


Amanda McAuley said...

Oh goodness...can't tell you how excited I am to see more OL on this site. I first picked up their S/T in 2009 and they're finally getting the attention they deserve. Look forward to seeing you get into them more! :)

Tyler said...

hey there - saw them the last two nights, what an inspired and perfect concert experience. wanted to let you know that last night's encore was what they called "dust bowl II", essentially track 10 into track 14. they were saying they were playing one more song, so not sure if they were being sneaky by combining two songs.

Anonymous said...

I am currently discovering their music and like it very much. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

great audio!!
only that the file no longer exists, mind reuploading? I would rellay love to download it again, I lost it sadly :(
Much appreciated

victoryrose said...

hi anon, can you email me direct - email address is on the page..some where!

Anonymous said...

hello victory! I have sent you an emai to the address, let me know if you got it :) Thanks!