Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Jónsi - We Bought A Zoo - Full Album Stream



JACkory said...

So, what do you think, Jon? I thought it was quite good for a soundtrack album. I'm very interested in what Cameron Crowe has got up his sleeve that goes with it. I'm pretty sure there was some re-mixing done on the "Go" songs, although it could just be the quality of the stream making certain parts come through differently than what I hear on the original cd. It's mainly background vocals, and they sound quite good, actually. I'm sure I'll get a copy. Along with "Inni" it will tide me over until the next proper Sigur Ros album.

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

I like it a lot :) It doesn't move me in the way that 'Go' does but as Thorazine said "its a great blend of Jonsi & Riceboy Sleeps"...couldn't really wish for more!
If I had to have a little grumble, Im not sure selling it for 're-worked songs' sits too comfortably with me. Slowed down with a couple more layers in the background is hardly groundbreaking stuff (although I do like them!)

If I didn't know Jonsi & I heard this [as a soundtrack) I think I would really love it and definatly hunt down the artist