Saturday, 16 March 2013

Rhian Sheehan - Stories From Elsewhere ~ Preview

RHIAN SHEEHAN - Stories From elsewhere

Im so excited that Rhian has recorded a new album! His last EP 'Seven Tales of the North Wind' remains one of my all time favourite records. If you like Riceboy Sleeps, Jónsi, Frakkur, Sigur Rós then the EP and his new album are an absolute must have for your collection. Whilst I can't help but compare Rhian's music to Riceboy Sleeps, I am in no way am I implying that he has copied it...
What he has done though is to skilfully employ something of that magic almost 'fairy like' quality of bringing in the most sublime childlike 'twinkles' that come and go, skipping in and out of the music in a way that gives Rhians music a rare childlike wonder. On the other hand there are moments of beautiful orchestral grandeur that swell and ebb with a feeling of such joy and satisfaction that seem to effortlessly lift you out of mundanity.
I feel a lot can be implied by the album cover as to the direction this album wants to take you and I have to say its a place of wonderment that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone & everyone. Rhian has produced a masterpiece here that Im beyond happy to have the opportunity to tell you about :)

Released March 26th
>>> Listen HERE <<<