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Great Lake Swimmers - Live - 13.06.2008 / In Session - 16.08.2004

Great Lake Swimmers - Live - Reverb, Toronto - 13.06.2008
In Session - Studio 211 - 16.08.2004

From website "Fifty-five years ago, Marilyn Bell took a plunge and traversed Lake Ontario. Back then, being a Great Lake swimmer was a big deal; now, it's an astonishing physical feat taken for granted. It's a rapidly forgotten part of history, like a faded map or a tattered photograph. Or a lost channel. Tony Dekker's Great Lake Swimmers have spent the past seven years performing on stages around the world—though, like Bell, they should never be taken for granted. LOST CHANNELS, their fourth album set for release on March 31st, finds them once again recording at historic locations. This time in the Thousand Islands region of Ontario and New York state, telling tales of hidden histories, still "mining for light in the dark wells," still "tuned to an instrument of greater and unknown design." The instrument in question is the singular voice of Tony Dekker, a voice that summons ghosts from times past. It’s a voice that is capable of conveying heartache and comfort all in the space of a single phrase."

Set List - Concert:

01 Moon shakes
02 Bodies and minds
03 Your rocky spine
04 I am part of a large family
05 Various stages
06 Put there by the land
07 Changing colours
08 Moving pictures, silent films

Set List - Studio Session:

01 Three days at sea
02 Moving, shaking
03 Man with no skin
04 Merge, a vessel, a harbour
05 I will never see the sun

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