Saturday, 28 February 2009

Riceboy Sleeps - Jonsi Birgisson & Alex Somers - VIDEO

Riceboy Sleeps - Jonsi Birgisson & Alex Somers - VIDEO

" Jónsi has been keeping busy these past weeks making an album with his boyfriend Alex. the boys are currently isolated in a jungle hut in hawaii completing their first album, which will be released in the summer.
for a preview of the album you can check out the compilation album dark was the night, to which they have contributed a song under the name riceboy sleeps. the compilation is released by the red hot organization, an hiv/aids charity, and features contributions from other quality acts such as sufjan stevens, beirut, arcade fire, yo la tengo, etc"

In support of the coming album and to promote the worthy 'Dark Was The Night' here are 2 videos by 'Riceboy Sleeps'

download 'All the big trees' (mov)
download 'Daniell in the sea' (mov)
Riceboy sleeps

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