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Mono - Live 10.11.2005 Philadelphia - Re-Master - NEW SOURCE 2010

Mono - Live 10.11.2005 Philadelphia - Re-Master - NEW SOURCE 2010

Lineage: SP-CMC-4 (ORTF, 8' stand, back of room/center) > M-Audio Microtracker 2496 (16/44.1 WAV)
WAV off CF Card > PC > Sony CD Architect > CD > Grip (Linux) > WAVs > flac 1.1.2 (linux) > Flacs> Re-Master> Flac sbe. Taped by blindman

This is a re-post of this concert but its a re-master from a new source. Easily the very best live
recording of Mono I've ever heard. Superb in every way even during the most frantic, loud moments. This is of course led to a great Master, one which for me is a joy not just to hear but to experience as well.
It starts of very quiet and ends up being perhaps slightly 'bottom heavy' during the first song but I feel it balances out of its own accord during the show although this will depend on your own set up. Would be interested in any comments. Antway, I love this recording/master. Its very powerful, enjoy it. I couldn't find a contact for the taper but I think we have done his excellent recording justice.

Set List:

01 The flames beyond the cold mountain
02 The kidnapper bell
03 where am I?
04 16:12
05 Sabbath
06 Lost snow
07 Halcyon (Beautiful Days)

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