Saturday, 27 February 2010

Múm - Ancienne Belgique Brussels, Belgium 16.04.2004 SBD

Múm - Ancienne Belgique Brussels, Belgium 16.04.2004 SBD

Good news: This is a SBD. Bad news: its only 192mp3. But if it wasn't a superb sounding concert it wouldn't be here! so download this one with confidence. I'm not a huge fan of Múm but this particular concert incorporates all that I do like about them. Its a flawlessly performed, very mellow, & ethereal show. Highly recommended if you prefer the older sounding Múm .
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Set List:

01 [entrance] > Abandoned Ship Bells > Weeping Rock, Rock
02 Nightly Cares > We Have A Map Of The Piano
03 The Ghosts You Draw On My Back
04 Sing Me Out The Window
05 Will The Summer Make Good For All Of Our Sins
06 Once A Shiny Morning Puddle
07 Now There's That Fear Again
08 Oh, How The Boat Drifts
09 The Island Of Children's Children
10 On The Old Mountain Radio > Green Grass Of Tunnel

[MF] Download - New Link 02.03.10 (thanks for your patience)
[MF] Download - (Alternative .Rar link)


Lina said...

Arggh!! Thank you! I've been looking for Mum recordings for a long time!

Lina said...

Actually, the file doesn't seem to be downloading. Are you able to repost it or advise where I can download it from?

Anonymous said...

Dont worry, its just the server from their side. It will be working again soon :)

victoryrose said...

If they havn't fixed it soon, please put another comment up and I will upload a fresh one
Ps if you like Múm did you find this link?

music + VIDEO !!

bladerunner said...

unfortunately the link still isn't working .. but thanks for the frakkur mp3, it's quite quite wonderful ..

victoryrose said...

Thanks for your patience, Re-uploading now...

Lina said...

Thank you so much for doing that. Greatly appreciated!

I did see the Great Wide Open festival link. I swooned for days! :)

rhubarbidoo said...

Superb concert, thanks so much for sharing. This is the best live recording I've heard from this era of Múm - I only wish I'd been a fan at the time so I could have been to one of these magical shows...

Anonymous said...

I already downloaded that concert cause summer make good is my fav mum album but the file wouldn't unzip. It still doesn't. A message says ''can't be unzipped, forbidden operation. I have no problem unzipping anything else though. I would really like to hear this concert though. Is it possible for you to make it a .rar? Maybe this way it would work

victoryrose said...

When i get back from holiday I will make a .rar for you

victoryrose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
victoryrose said...

@above for zip problem - Sometimes you need to unzip to a different location.
Anyway, .Rar version on the way

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

.Rar version posted for ^ anonymous :)