Saturday, 8 May 2010

Jónsi - KCRW Video - New Full Uncompressed version

Good news, Ive solved all synch/size issues. Apologies to those who have to download again and thank you for your patience.

KCRW Video

[MF] Download - Part 1 Part 2


Matthew said...

great!!! thanks. but there are 2 part2's and no part3 :(

Matthew said...

text is there, but hyperlink is messed up. got it now though :) cheers

victoryrose said...
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victoryrose said...

good, sorry to make your like a little more complicated though! :)
we got there in the end. I must have had a serious brain fart!
- I didn't do a hyperlink as I just copy and pasted from my post in

Fran said...

Is the file 22 minutes and 57 seconds long? 7-zip gave me an error log while extracting, but I have anyway a 404 sized mpg file. I think it is not complete. I renamed .002 second file to .003 -Maybe I mistake.

victoryrose said...

It is 42.21 mins long
Use 7-zip - 'right click' on file .001 - then 'extract files' to a different location. It should extract everything and rejoin automatically
Let me know how you get on

Fran said...

I re-tried changing location folder, but it stopped in the same point: 404 mb. I think the problem is on the third file, which is automatically called .002, while extracting, exactly as the second file is named, and which I renamed .003 to put them all on the same destination folder.

victoryrose said...

hmmmm, maybe I will just have to re-upload again. Im happy just to send you the session on a dvd. no problem :) Email me and we can see about filling a disk for you