Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Jónsi - Unreleased Songs

Jónsi - Unreleased Songs

This compilation (with the exception of 'Around Us') contains songs that Jónsi has not recorded or released yet. They are taken from Radio Sessions and Concerts from March - May 2010. I've been waiting for one final track of good enough quality to complete this compilation, which we now have. They come from different sources but I've mixed them to get a smooth as possible continuity, and to [hopefully] present the tracks in a way which makes sense, and to flow as an album! As of May 2010 there is no official word if these songs will be released at a later date.
Hope you enjoy it :)

01 St Naive
02 Around Us (Acoustic)
03 Time To Pretend
04 Icicle Sleeves
05 New Piano Song
06 New Guitar Song
07 K12
08 Stars In Still Water !

[MF] Download MP3
[MF] Download FLAC Part 1 Part 2

Part 2

09 'Vibraphone Song'
10 'Un-named New Guitar Song'
11 'Un-named New Piano Song'
12 Grow Till Tall - ABTV Version with mysterious voice mic vocals! (poor quality)

[MF] Download MP3
[MF] Download FLAC

Part 3

14 'Un-named New Piano Song-Version 2'

[MF] Download MP3
[MF] Download FLAC

Part 4

'Un-named New Piano Song-Version 3' - HMV
'Un-named New Piano Song-Version 4' - Paradiso

[MF] Download MP3

NB: The original 8 songs upload ends with a hidden track at the end of 'Stars In Still Water' Since the collection has increased since then, here is the same version of 'Stars In Still Water' but without the hidden track ending to allow for continuity in the flow of music.

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Part 5

17 'Un-named New Piano Song- Version 5 - Lowlands
18 Sticks & Stones - Lowlands (superb new version!)
[MF] Download MP3

Part 6

19 'Previously unheard spontaneous song'
[MF] Download MP3
(Link here for details)

Part 7

20 Brand New Song - Brighton
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Part 8

Here are some of the better ones together in one place

01 St. Naive
02 Un-named New Guitar Song
03 K 12
04 Ukulele
05 Un-named New Piano Song
06 New Piano Song
07 Around us
08 Time To Pretend
09 Sinking Friendships (Acoustic)
10 Stars In Still Water
11 New Guitar Song
12 Vibraphone Song
13 Icicle Sleeves
14 Sticks & Stones

FLAC Will come in a weeks time when Im back on line

15 Piano Des - Download


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. Thanks!

The Scrybe said...

:D Thanks.

Matthew said...

you are amazing!!! thanks

Amanda M said...

Thank you SO much for uploading this. I've been hoping for a HQ version of "New Piano Song" and you've made it happen! Totally made my week.

Philip said...

Thank you!!

Fran said...

Thank!!! I was searching for all the songs Jónsi did not release on Go, and now... they are here! You are so brilliant. :)

JestaCat said...

Great... I don't suppose you want to tell us which one's are from which sources? I have a great webrip of KCRW session (my rip, not the one you posted which I haven't compared as mine sounds great).. are Stars, Naive & Icicle from that session? What about K365 that I see in other sessions (or did that become piano or guitar song - I haven't heard either)???

I'm a sucker for the details - when and where performed would be great! Thanks :)

Sebastián Alejandro said...

Graciaaas!! :D

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

All the songs here are selected from the concerts/Radio shows posted here... What? You mean you havn't downloaded them all yet?? :)

This 1s Wrong said...
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Ásgeir said...

You sir, are a genius

fasteddie113NL said...

thanks man!

one problem though: the MD5 checks all tracks out "BAD". Was the MD5 compiled for the FLAC files or the WAVs?


victoryrose said...

Apologies for the md5. I promise & guarantee you everything here is exactly genuine as it is all done by myself. If for example(on the very rare occasion) I may re-master from an MP3 I will always say so and the files would not be re-encoded to mp3 but to FLAC to keep any changes intact. Anyway, I think out 400 or so concerts I have done there have been maybe 4 & was done only because the historical context was important.

Anyway, perhaps you can offer advice. I use Traders Little Helper to create the FLAC from WAV. BUT...Then I tagg the files in Foobar2000.
Is it possible this is what causes the mismatch do you think?
If so should I/can I generate the MD5 file AFTER I have named/tagged them?

fasteddie113NL said...

Jon, the MD5 has nothing to do with your remastering as such or the MP3/FLAC issue, it's just a helpful tool for downloaders to check whether the files received are exactly the same as when the uploader created the md5. So if you change tags AFTER you created the md5, the check wil turn out "BAD"; that's not good, because it essentially says files are corrupt or in one or another way different from what you wanted to make available. So ALWAYS make a MD5 from the final FLAC-files that you are going to upload; and if you make the tiniest change (like one number in a tag or wathever), create a new MD5 for the entire set. MD5's are really helpfull, but only if you create them from the final set; otherwise, they're just adding confusion. Could you create a new MD5 from the final files as uploaded to MF? thanks, E.

victoryrose said...
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victoryrose said...

Here you go. Thanks eddie, Ive learned a lot over the past months from people kindly pointing out where improvements are needed & explaining things. Much appreciated. Hopefully this is ok:

; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on June 5, 2010, at 18:32:18

d4cce348e9d917752c682a3fdc7fb929 *BLOG FLAC MASTER LOSSLESS\Jónsi - Unreleased FLAC\Jonsi-unreleased-t01 st naive.flac
177f3d9110553dcceb43f8921702fd36 *BLOG FLAC MASTER LOSSLESS\Jónsi - Unreleased FLAC\Jonsi-unreleased-t02 around us.flac
5fc765e161fa8442da9f93bc0dd40b28 *BLOG FLAC MASTER LOSSLESS\Jónsi - Unreleased FLAC\Jonsi-unreleased-t03 time to pretend.flac
378416e9bab995f7e7250639463f8743 *BLOG FLAC MASTER LOSSLESS\Jónsi - Unreleased FLAC\Jonsi-unreleased-t04 icicle sleeves.flac
e112ce929e8e403c77ecd98f299a8507 *BLOG FLAC MASTER LOSSLESS\Jónsi - Unreleased FLAC\Jonsi-unreleased-t05 new piano song.flac
3fa81f7eb5f535defb606aaf255dbac4 *BLOG FLAC MASTER LOSSLESS\Jónsi - Unreleased FLAC\Jonsi-unreleased-t06 new guitar song.flac
37dafbbaea5c4d6dd468eb0b4ea7e309 *BLOG FLAC MASTER LOSSLESS\Jónsi - Unreleased FLAC\Jonsi-unreleased-t07 k12.flac
89b4800d45f37863c89df6199f7c642f *BLOG FLAC MASTER LOSSLESS\Jónsi - Unreleased FLAC\Jonsi-unreleased-t08 stars in still water !.flac

; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on June 5, 2010, at 18:33:14

23d23df7b0a755041ffabcb225143d0b *BLOG JONSI\Jónsi - Unreleased p2 t09-12 FLAC\Jonsi-unreleased-t09 'Vibraphone Song'.flac
8a2bb51fd6e8818889897c9ba69cd782 *BLOG JONSI\Jónsi - Unreleased p2 t09-12 FLAC\Jonsi-unreleased-t10 'Un-named New Guitar Song'.flac
48ed8d9ec2785fbf1129fd7129dc46a6 *BLOG JONSI\Jónsi - Unreleased p2 t09-12 FLAC\Jonsi-unreleased-t11 'Un-named New Piano Song'.flac
53b00b8cd0823af67b666e77d74a01e1 *BLOG JONSI\Jónsi - Unreleased p2 t09-12 FLAC\Jonsi-unreleased-t12 Grow Till Tall - Unheard Voice Mic Version.flac
No md5 for the last song as that is extracted from a work in progress

fasteddie113NL said...

hi Jon,

yes, these check out fine!!!
So now I know the files on my HD are exactly as you meant. Thanks for quickly responding etc

keep on the good work,

victoryrose said...

Great, Thanks SO much Eddie, another step to a better 'service' :)

ixz said...

Thank you very much!!
Great blog!
Best regards

Per Pixoco said...

Thank you so much for these songs!
Do you happen to have more songs from the concert in Belgium (at AB)? I was able to record the songs up to 'boy lilikoi'. I missed the last 4 songs though (except for Grow Till Tall that i got thanks to you).
I was at the concert and it was magical!
If you don't have them, or don't want to share them, that's okay.

Per Pixoco

victoryrose said...

Per Piixoco
can u email me please

Saskia said...


Ásgeir said...

What's with the end of Stars in still water?

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

What is with the end of Stars in Still Water is what we call a 'Hidden Track'...Namely the unavailable Instrumental 'Tornado' edit. Originally put in to end what ws to be only 8 tracks of Un-released material but which has (happily) since expanded.
Thanks though for input, reminded me to include a version without the hidden track to keep continuity for the remaining album :) -

Picool said...

Woooaw. Thank you very much !
Great blog I just discovered (better late than never ;o)
Thanks a lot for the great work and all the shares !!

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

still got a few more sigur ros concerts to add! in the near future

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!
Keep on going :)

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Going to another 3 Jónsi concerts over the next 2 weeks so... fingers crossed :D

Nathan said...

Brilliant! I can't thank you enough!

Not that it matters much, but I noticed there was no track 13. Hah.

Anonymous said...

Incredible. Thx.