Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Jónsi - Lowlands Festival 20.08.2010

Jónsi - Lowlands Festival 20.08.2010 Re-master

By far, the very best live recording we now have of Jónsi. In terms of quality, content and delivery this particular show is just stunning and will stand as a landmark concert in years to come. Its a shorter set than usual but this works really well as the pace is much faster than usual making the concert seem more powerful.
Its a real pleasure to see how these songs have developed over the tour. With the 'Un-named New Song' Jónsi has again given another new & powerfully emotive version! Also Sticks & Stones, a relatively new addition to the line up has had any previous glitches ironed out and the way both Jónsi & the band delivers this difficult live song is breathtaking and a real credit to them as musicians. Enjoy :)

Set List:

01 Icicle Sleeves
02 Kolnidor
03 Sinking Friendships
04 'Vibraphone Song'
05 Tornado
06 Boy Lilikoi
07 Animal Arithmatic
08 'Un-named New Piano Song'
09 Around Us
10 Sticks & Stones
11 Grow Till Tall
NB: Date has been corrected from 21st to 20th. Please re-tag where neccesary. Thnx Rob
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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much master J.

Nicholas Tucker said...

Love that version of Tornado! It's rocking.

JACkory said...

Awesome recording, Jon. It looks like I won't be able to make it to the St. Louis show (after not being able to make it to Laurence earlier this year) but this will go a bit of a ways in easing the pain. Thanks, my friend.

fasteddie113NL said...

hé Jon,
Great, thanks!!!
This was Holland, so - again - I was there, offcourse!!!!
By the way: Jonsi himself mentioned in an interview a day later (at Pukkelpop) that he was not so satisfied about the Lowlands gig. Something to do with too much daylight interfering with the atmosphere. It was indeed before sundown, in a tent, but with large openings on 3 sides. Oh well...

icastico said...

Just a heads-up.
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Don’t sleep on the bonus track offer…
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Rob said...

Hi Jon,

Thank you for the great job you do, archiving all great performances by SR and Jónsi!!
I attended this gig at Lowlands and it was (despite the daylight interference) magical!
Please note that the date is wrong: the concert was on friday august 20th, 7.15 pm



bossanoga said...

my god... thank you so much for Jónsi stuff :) :) :)
It's very nice what you do :)

But I have one question. Do you have any info about ALL those bootlegs you provide us?
You know, lineage, taper etc....

thanx in advance

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Hi bossanoga, :) youre very welcome. In general I try always include lineage info BUT usually more so with Lossless posts as the FLAC community usually finds these thing to be very important. Usually If I DONT include a lineage its either because I dont have it or I need to exercise some discretion, if for example the concert hasn't arisen from an audience recording...
If you have any specific questions though youre very welcome to email me :)

bossanoga said...

woow, you replied really fast, lol, thanx :)
Anyway, Lowlands Fest is FM sourced or maybe SBD, right? sound is very clear.... are you hanging in sigur ros hub in dc++ network? if not, you should come :)

Greets from Croatia

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Something like that! :D
Actually I started out in the DC++ hub but Ive been dedicating all my time these last 2-3 years to re-mastering all the Sigur ros concerts from the original lossless uploads. Its been quite a big project!
Half way through. Now Im in the middle of re-doing the Victoryroselossless blog + re-mastering some new ones Ive found. All very exciting. I also have a tom of SR videos but Im still thinking about the best way to share those :)