Saturday, 11 September 2010

Jónsi - Live DVD

A live Dvd is currently being worked on with a potential pre-Christmas release! It will include all the songs not on the 'Go' album which Jónsi has been performing live.
Wooohoooo! :D


Clap Clap Colour said...

wow, that's great news! where did you hear this, if you don't mind me asking?

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

The news is from the manager John Best's tour diary " spend time with jonsi looking at footage of various concerts we’ve done over the spring/summer looking for suitable material to put together for a planned dvd of the live show. there’s a lot of good stuff in the can, which we can put together with stuff from the production rehearsal show we did in london ahead of the first dates, plus some other stuff shot on the hoof. going to look good i think. watch out for it sometime ahead of christmas. will probably have all the new songs that the band play live that aren’t on ‘go’ on it too, plus of course ’sticks and stones’ from the ‘how to train your dragon’ soundtrack, which i’ve just been told is in the running for ‘best song’ at the oscars"

Clap Clap Colour said...

oh, man. i even read that journal entry and i missed it? there must be something wrong with me i guess... thanks :)