Thursday, 9 September 2010

Jónsi - Leeds 08.09.2010 - New Song!

Good news & bad news! Jónsi gave one the best performances in Leeds last night that I have heard & seen from him a long time. It was just one of those magical times when everything gels. At the end the band came out again to take a bow... which I haven't seen or heard about happening anywhere else.
Anyway, the bad news is, due an annoying technical hitch the recording is mostly un-listenable BUT this new song is :d
- At one point there was a problem with the bass & while they where sorting it out Jónsi started humming to himself. Then he just sort of spun round and played and sang this beautiful song!
I very much regret not having a recording of this concert but Im so happy to have captured this beautiful song which may never be heard again!

edit: The band has taken a bow at at least 4 shows! now I know :)



ClapClapColour said...

They took a bow in Brussels :)
Thanks for the song!

fasteddie113NL said...

and a bow in Amsterdam, June 2; also at Lowlands Festival, August 20. So that seems to have become pretty standard procedure (which offcourse is a fitting end with such a high standard of performance)...;-)

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

I am SO gonna delete that part :D

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