Thursday, 7 October 2010

Jónsi - Sacrum Profanum, Poland 17.09.2010 - Webcast

Jónsi - Sacrum Profanum, Poland 17.09.2010 - Webcast

A superb concert as always from Jónsi performed to a very enthusiastic Polish crowd. Jónsi played two nights at the famous 'Sacrum Profanum Freak festival' with his second act being the closing show of the festival on the last night. There is some fantastic pictures which can be found HERE & HERE. Please also find a link HERE to a lovely interview from the festival. Huge thanks to 'hunkydoris' for making this possible x :)

NB: The tracks haven't been split but come in two separate files

Set List:

01 Stars in Still Water

02 Hengilás

03 Icicle Sleeves

04 Kolniður

05 Vibraphone Song

06 Tornado

07 Sinking Friendships

08 Ukulele

09 Saint Naïve

10 Animal Arithmetic

11 New Piano Song (edit)

Part 2

01 New Piano Song

02 Un-Named New Piano Song

03 Around Us

04 Sticks and Stones

05 Grow Till Tall

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