Monday, 28 March 2011

Sigur Rós - Odin's Raven Magic - The Barbican, London 21.04.2002 - Re Master (Re-Post)

Sigur Rós - Odin's Raven Magic - The Barbican, London 21.04.2002 - Re Master

I noticed one of the most visited pages on Victoryrosemusic was this one, Odin's Raven Magic. When I checked the original post, made back in 2008 I realised it still had an old Rapidshare link on it & didn't include a Flac version, so apologies for that. In both of these uploads I have included the scanned program of the evening.

The re-mastering of this amazing concert has breathed new life into what is a modern classic. I have removed all clapping in the interludes so you have what amounts to a seamless experience.
There is some excess noise on the first two tracks which unfortunately came with the original, I tried to EQ them out but in the end I have just left them so as not change the track as a whole. Sorry.

If you havn't got this one get it, if you have it already be sure to download this re-mastered version - its well worth it. More details can be found :HERE: and some reviews :HERE:


1. Chapter 1 - 7:21
2. Chapter 2 - 8:07
3. Chapter 3 - 7:47
4. Chapter 4 - 10:17
5. Chapter 5 - 6:22
6. Chapter 6 - 9:18
7. Chapter 7 - 21:20

[MF] - Mp3
[MF] - Flac - Part 1 Part 2


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just found this (again) and the link just seems to go round and round without downloading. I really would love to hear this 'new' version so please could you re-upload. Thank you

victoryrose said...

Respectfully, its not from this side. Re-start your computer/clear cookies/use a different browser/check your anti-spyware/virus isn't blocking it etc etc.
If all fails after a few days please email me & up a new link for you :)

Noah said...

VERY NICE edit on this! Thank you (again)!

edotcom said...

The whole gig is amazing, i loved the third chapter and the finale... fucking beautiful

Niclesse said...


I've always been a HUGE fan of this concert and was very excited to read (a long time ago) that a DVD of this would possibly become available, but as far as I know there is not one out yet. Do you have any idea if any video is available of this concert until (hopefully) an actual DVD comes out.



victoryrose said...

As far as I know, the material is all there to produce the DVD but I think all their efforts are going into the live DVD (which should be out any day......*falls asleep*)
One day!.... Hopefully before we all become old & deaf!!

Omarla Singer said...

Hi, I just downloaded this Album, which I had but I lost it... So I wanted to say thank you and try to give back by asking you if you had visited this site:
I don't really remember where did I found this, the thing is that it contains lots of concerts, music and video material... Hope you like it!

victoryrose said...

Hi Omarla
glad to hear it :) Thanks for your tip. I actually have all those files (and more!) already. The files posted on the ftp were originly posted there through the kindness of a few people. They are all un-mastered low bitrate mp3's. Everything here and more so on Victoryroselossless is re-masters of the original recordings. I wanted to offer all the concerts of Sigur ros in their full mastered glory rather than just rely soley on those mp3's :) jon xx

Omarla Singer said...

Wow, that's a lot of work!
I'm glad that people like you exist and share all of this music, that's so difficult to get, especially for us, who don't have access to european albums in such an easy way!
Thanks a lot!

victoryrose said...

Its a labour of love. Taken about 3 years so far and Im just starting the 2005's :D
It does make it all worth while when I can reach people like yourself and I probably sound a bit bias ! but I really do think SR is unique in many ways and touches many many peoples hearts in an extraordinary way that I dont think any other band really does :D

Anonymous said...

..i was so excited to hear that somebody posted this concert. i was at their show in paris and have been waiting for the dvd or some recording to come out ever since..
unfortunately the files you had uploaded have been deleted on mediafire. if you could upload them again, that would be great!
thank you so so much!! hope i'll be able to pay it back somehow someday..

victoryrose said...

Its now posted and hosted here:


Anonymous said...

thanks for the quick response. downloading now.. i've been waiting for this moment for so long! thank you so so much!
..odin's raven magic was one of those concerts where you knew you'd be thankful your entire life that you were there..

victoryrose said...

You were there 0_0
lucky you :)
They just side in their live chat that they had no idea why it wasn't actually out yet!!
In other words we should see the video one day [soon]

Saúde Holista said...

Those links was deleted :(