Thursday, 9 October 2008

Sigur ros - Odins Raven Music RE-MASTER 2008

Sigur ros - Odins Raven Music RE-MASTER 2008

The re-mastering of this amazing concert has breathed new life into what is a modern classic. I have removed all clapping in the interludes so you have a pretty much seamless concert.
There is some excess noise on the first two tracks which unfortunately came with the original, I tried to EQ them out but in the end I have just left them so as not change the track as a whole. Sorry.

If you havn't got this one get it, if you have it already be sure to download this re-mastered version - its well worth it


1. Chapter 1 7:21
2. Chapter 2 8:07
3. Chapter 3 7:47
4. Chapter 4 10:17
5. Chapter 5 6:22
6. Chapter 6 9:18
7. Chapter 7 21:20

Sigur Ros - drums, keys, bass, guitar, stone marimba, programming
Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson - composer
Steindór Andersen - rhymer
The London Sinfonietta Orchestra
The Sixteen Choir

This score is based on a lost chapter of the bible of norse mythology, the edda.

the edda was originally an unwritten oral history of heathen and early christian scandinavia, where the region's isolation led to a long changeover period to organised religion around 1000ad. the stories, myths and legends of heroic deeds and nordic strife were collected together by persons unknown sometime during the 12th and 13th centuries, before being recorded by danish scholars during the 17th century.
in the 19th century the authenticity of one of the chapters was questioned by a later generation of academics, and 'odin's raven magic' was excised from the text, adjudged as a 15th century fake. now some 150 years later new research has concluded that 'odin's raven magic' was indeed authentic and this autumn it is finally being reintroduced to the edda. it is the loss, and subsequent rediscovery, of this hidden history that sigur rós and hilmar örn hilmarsson are marking here.

FLAC & MP3 Repost Can be found :HERE:


Emeline said...

Thanks so much for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great!!!!!!

victoryrose said...

: )

Emeline said...

Sorry, if it's mentionned on the text before the files, but i don't reconize the song Chapter 3 which are fantastic and magnificient.
It's normal?
Could You have the video files of this concert? It's so fantastic!

I know I already asked on a previous
item. Sorry

John said...

These files don't work for me. When I try to open them, it says "unable to archive". I've had no problems with other zip files.

I'm using a mac by the way...

victoryrose said...

Hi John, sometimes ppl with Mac's have had problems with zipped files. Try 7zip the program i used, although I believe Mac's dont like zips that have a password. keep trying, maybe re-download and if no luck I will re-upload a fresh one for you. Thanks, sorry for any trouble

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

fresh no pass upload on the way . . .