Thursday, 22 September 2011

Farewell Poetry - Hoping for The Invisible to Ignite - Released Monday

 As True As Troilus by FareWell Poetry

Tagged a few weeks ago as being one of my personal records of the year Farewell Poetry has come out of no where to release an gigantic record of Post Rock perfection. As you'll hear from the track above, The 19 minute  epic 1st track on the album True as Trolius, has some wonderful long broody build ups married perfectly with dark poetry, eventually exploding into a  mulitracked raw energy of passionate power. It really is a fantastic journey listening to the record with many quite beautiful moments interspersed with lovely melodies and powerful emotion outburstings. Highly, highly recommended. It really needs to be con-joined with the video as well, Check out all the goodies you get with the order! more details below:

FareWell Poetry - As True As Troilus - TRAILER from FareWell Poetry on Vimeo.

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