Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sigur Rós - Previously unheard song!

Following a random conversation, I stumbled upon two minutes of a previously unheard song, sung during the Ferrara sound check 2003. I don't know/very much doubt if it would ever see the light of day as an actual song as it was just the band messing about a bit during the sound check but I have to say I really like the general idea of it. It does sound a bit like the 'Sweet Home Alabama' bit they sung during a sound check from this era but its not that. With a little imagination you can maybe imagine what it would have sounded like as an actual song.
Do you like it as well? Its a bit different from the norm, especially from what they where producing at that time :)
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clangour said...

That's sweet. SR cover Sweet Home Alabama? ;)

Anonymous said...

it was just a joke from the band during the soundcheck. its not new...

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

I heard the 'Sweet Home Alabama' joking around song. This does sound a little bit like that, maybe a bit more of a song, although Im sure its just Jónsi messing about, not like its an actual song exactly :)
Still, Im not overly concerned with the specifics of what it is, I just like it. I can't help but love everything SR does... this being no exception

JACkory said...

Take it from someone who has played Sweet Home Alabama way too many times in way too many dive bars, the chord structure here isn't quite the same...there are a thousand songs that have the SWA changes, but this one doesn't. It is a real change of pace, though. I can't see it as album material, but it is quite nice.