Sunday, 23 October 2011

Parachutes - Tour EP - FLAC

A somewhat bittersweet post. Hearing Parachutes in their full un-compressed glory is both a wonderful and sad experience. Wonderful in that it sounds simply glorious, sad in the knowing that the band no longer exists and if the forthcoming album would have sounded anything as great as these few tracks it would have something quite special. Anyway, enjoy :)
~ You can still download their entire discography :HERE: 
1 Your Stories
2 Tree Roots Turn To Forts
3 Where Were You?

[MF] Download - Flac


Anonymous said...

Hey :)

I recently discovered Parachutes by accident, and I must say that I have completely fallen in love with their music.
I was wondering if they plan on having a tour soon, and if they are, where can I find the information regarding their tour dates and locations?

Thank you!

victoryrose said...

hi :)
sadly they broke up :(
but they left their discography behind :)
All is here: