Saturday, 10 December 2011

Stars of the Lid - Live 1997 - 2008

A selection of live concerts from the wonderful Stars of the Lid. Various bitrates & qualities (although all are more than listenable :) The best quality is the Dwars Session

Millvale Industrial Theatre 01.07.1999
Dwarrs Session 02.12.2002
Les Voutes, Paris  18.05.2007
Tripledoor 18.04.2008
? 20.05.2008
Trinity Church, Leeds 25.05.2008
Les Poisson Rouge, NYC 20.11.2008 + Flac p1   Flac p2
Beyond The Pale DNA Lounge, SF 17.11.2002 - thanks anon :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these. 20-05-08 is St Giles-In-The-Fields Church, London

I recently found a new Stars of the Lid soundboard recording from 2002.

Live 2002-11-17 Beyond The Pale DNA Lounge, San Francisco

The DNA Lounge have been uploading all their webcast recordings to the This is the evening with SoTL:

I've edited out the other five hours (and the intro from the band, where they are just thanking the crew/friends) to leave 54mins of the Lid. Only 128kb, unfortunately, but a very interesting sound-mix. You can download it here:

victoryrose said...

Thats great, Thanks so much. Very much appreciated :D

Tyler said...

thanks so much for reposting!!

Anonymous said...

Dwars is spelled with one R:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch! Look forward to listening to all of these. I've found I tend to like their live recordings more than the studio ones :O

There's also a WNYC recording of their Wordless Music Show from 2008.
Only 20 minutes though. They play Requiem for Dying Mothers and Even If You're Never Awake.

Anonymous said...

Please reupload some of the 2002 ones??!!

Anonymous said...

^ Agreed, someone please reupload the one from 1999! I will be forever thankful :)

Seriously, please somebody reupload these recordings! I would love to hear them

Anonymous said...

Any other live 1990's recordings of concerts from then?