Saturday, 10 December 2011

Stars of the Lid - Live 1997 - 2008

A selection of live concerts from the wonderful Stars of the Lid. Various bitrates & qualities (although all are more than listenable :) The best quality is the Dwars Session

Millvale Industrial Theatre 01.07.1999
Dwarrs Session 02.12.2002
Les Voutes, Paris  18.05.2007
Tripledoor 18.04.2008
? 20.05.2008
Trinity Church, Leeds 25.05.2008
Les Poisson Rouge, NYC 20.11.2008 + Flac p1   Flac p2
Beyond The Pale DNA Lounge, SF 17.11.2002 - thanks anon :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these. 20-05-08 is St Giles-In-The-Fields Church, London

I recently found a new Stars of the Lid soundboard recording from 2002.

Live 2002-11-17 Beyond The Pale DNA Lounge, San Francisco

The DNA Lounge have been uploading all their webcast recordings to the This is the evening with SoTL:

I've edited out the other five hours (and the intro from the band, where they are just thanking the crew/friends) to leave 54mins of the Lid. Only 128kb, unfortunately, but a very interesting sound-mix. You can download it here:

victoryrose said...

Thats great, Thanks so much. Very much appreciated :D

Tyler said...

thanks so much for reposting!!

Anonymous said...

Dwars is spelled with one R:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch! Look forward to listening to all of these. I've found I tend to like their live recordings more than the studio ones :O

There's also a WNYC recording of their Wordless Music Show from 2008.
Only 20 minutes though. They play Requiem for Dying Mothers and Even If You're Never Awake.