Sunday, 22 January 2012

K.C & J.H - Diamond Mine - Live 2011

K.C & J.H - Diamond Mine - Live 2011

A very special and rare appearance of the Mercury Award Nominated 'Diamond Mine' album, live. There are four songs here from the concert which they played from the album itself. There was some editing done to remove some private jokes from KC with the audience (if you where there you'll know what I mean!) I also made something of a 'clever' edit to allow the songs to flow seamlessly due to some problems with the piano on the night. I hope Im forgiven for this but I trust a listen will bring forbearance as it sounds wonderful. As it is such a beautiful album in itself I hope this may lead some new people to buying it!

1, John Taylor's Month Away
2, Bats In The Attic
3, Bubble
4, Your Young Voice

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J.C & J.H - NPR Tiny Desk Concert - Video

A lovely intimate 15 minute video of them both playing together for the wonderful NPR

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Shiro said...

Let me just tell you that you are my hero because. Explosions in the Sky. Parachutes. Post-Rock. I love you.

Pablo said...

Hermoso! Muchas gracias!