Monday, 29 September 2008

Heima OST

Heima Soundtrack + extras

This is simply the music taken from the video 'Heima' but with the addition of two extra tracks not included in the film - Ny Batteri and E-bow
I honestly believe this version of Ny Batteri is the best ever performed live by SR.
The sound quality is amazing, i personally feel it is better than their commercial CD's. Thanks to Birgir Jon Birgisson for the audio engineering.

Track List:

01 Glosoli
02 Heysatan
03 Se Lest
04 Gitardjamm
05 Olsen Olsen
06 Popplagio
07 Surtshellir
08 Agaetis Bryjun
09 A Fero til Briedafjarder Vorio 1922
10 Daudalagio
11 Hoppipolla
12 Staralfur
13 Vaka
14 Heima
15 Von
16 Samskyeti
17 Ny Batteri (bonus track)
18 E-bow (bonus track)

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koko said...
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Zerez said...

Excellent post, thank you very much! I've been looking for this OST for a while, and now i found it and in great quality.
Personally i think Sigur Ros es one of the best bands in the world and i here in Mexico we don't usually have the chance to get all their stuff, and that's what this blogs are all about, again, thank you very much.

victoryrose said...

Thanks Zerez. your right, this blog is for the fans and comes from my love of the music of Sigur ros and also because they themselves are very nice people as well !! - These 3 blogs excist also because of the band's kindness in being happy for fans to share this material. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Sigur Ros, such a beauty!
Hope to see them in 2010 with their new album. ;)
Thanks for this blog.

uqbar said...

Joya master... muchas gracias!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! I've been looking for...

Anonymous said...

I was beginning to doubt the existence of such a thing, you are extremely generous!

wertigogo said...

link does not work! Please, give new link!

Anonymous said...

new link please! :)