Friday, 26 September 2008

Welcome Note

Welcome to Victory Rose. The Sigur ros and other concerts posted here, are aimed at being a middle way between the low bitrate concerts easily available from DC++ and the full flac torrents available from Dimedozen. I have extracted them using the Fraunhofer mp3 pro compression at 320 Kbps to give a balance between quality and size. With the exception of some professional broadcast concerts I have re-mastered the concerts. This is neccesary because many of the originals have been recorded from the audience. Re-mastering can, at the very least bring levels up to CD standard but, at best can completly transform and breath new life into these amazing concerts. Although not perfect the concerts presented here are a huge improvment on the originals and it is my sincere wish that you will be able to appreciate and enjoy them as much as I do

On a note of quality i appreciate the comments and requests that many of the kind uploaders have made with respect to not compressing their flac torrents but for those who wish to enjoy these concerts on mp3 players and to make these top quality concerts available to all please accept my forebearance. Also if you are unhappy, please try them out before passing judgement