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Sigur ros - Acoustic Session and Q and A New York 06.10.2007

Acoustic Session and Q and A - New York 6.10.2007

Around this time Sigur ros where doing many small acoustic gigs in support of the film Heima. They where quite intimate and gave the audiences an appreciation of how down to earth and humble Sigur ros are . . . in my opinion anyway !
The reason for including this particular gig is that at the end of the Q and A session one of the audience asks "What is it that we can do[the audience] to convince you to do an encore?
After a quick discussion in the background SR perfrom a beautiful acoustic version of Godan Daginn with Jonsi seeming to make up and start singing the lyrics towards the end of the song.
Beautiful . . . I wish they had recorded song as it was sung here !
Appologies for the low 128kbps bit rate and the clipping during loud parts but well worth it for this song and the 1 hour long interview. Enjoy


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ximeremix said...

Hi victoryrose
>I have been following your blog with great interest over the past couple of months and find what you upload very interesting.
>The upload on September 29 would not open for me though. It said that decompression had failed.
>Is there anything you can do your end? I do hope so as these Q & A sessions are very insightful.

victoryrose said...

Hi there,
thanks for your interest in the blog
3 things you can try:
1. unzip with 7zip program. (its what i use - its free & very good)
2. I will upload it again within the hour - so by 17.30gmt
3. If the above fails email me and i will snail mail it to you : )
bets wishes