Friday, 27 March 2009

1 Mile North - Live 01.10.2002 + Free MP3's

1 Mile North - Live 01.10.2002 + Free MP3's

I've been wanting to post this for a long time. Its a very rare concert I have had for many years and still enjoy to this day. Also include are 4 mp3's available from their website, 2 from their 2001 album - Glass Wars and 2 from their 2003 album Minor Shadows.
I think this music would fall under the Ambient post rock genre. I really like it, its very powerful yet peaceful. The track Black Lines features a very emotive monologue by Ray Winston. Here are some quotes from fans:
- soundscapeish music. more aphex twin than boards of canada. more labradford than a silver mt zion.-
Your quiet sound is at once comforting and distressing. The deliberate and delicate guitar work is very nice.-
i love when you unexpectedly discover something which unlocks doors within your mind. Your music is one of those things. hauntingly beautifully.-
Your music stirs this introverted poet's soul. Perfect music to bleed the words right on to the page to. Keep it up...please!-



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icastico said...

I remember finding this on epitonic...great stuff. Hadn't thought of it in years.