Tuesday, 24 March 2009

El Heath - Dusk Dappled Fall & Winter Soundtrack

Winter Soundtrack

Dusk Dappled Fall

Two excellent albums here that I have been enjoying a lot over recent weeks. They both fall under the genres of 'Drone' and 'Ambient' although Winter Soundtrack falls more under 'Dark Ambient' My personal favorite is Dusk Dappled Fall, a warm, intelligent, and reflective album of lovely drone ambient textures with just the right amount of acoustic guitar and piano added. If you like Stars of The Lid you will most likely enjoy this.
Winter Soundtrack is more in the realms of dark ambient. Still very beautiful and if you like dark ambient you find this an excellent and well produced album of that genre. They are both on offer in FLAC.
NB: Offered for free download under the Creative Commons License (thank you to the Eric (El Heath) for this kindness!)

download Dusk Dappled Fall
download Winter Soundtrack

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for a lovely write up!

My new EP, "Wind, Thee Wind" is up for download on Records on Ribs now. I've got an album out in late summer/early autumn too.

Thanks again!