Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Parachutes - Last Show 2008 AmericanTour - VIDEO

Parachutes - Last Show 2008 American Tour - VIDEO

HD 24 minute video of Parachutes playing the last show of their 2008 American Tour

download p1
download p2

Using a zip program such as win rar or 7zip - right click on file 001 and select extract


Anonymous said...

hy there, thanks for all the great music and all the stuff! just one question, i cant open the parachutes files (fax image?) can you help me please? thanks!

victoryrose said...

hi, All i can suggest is with 7 zip to right click on file 001 then select extract. Its fine from this end. the site is here:
or maybe just download again. Let me know how you get on

Anonymous said...

mmh, i downloaded it twice and it doesnt work..but thanks for your help!! norman

victoryrose said...

Hi norman, sorry for that. wish i could help - you can watch the show in 3 parts here though:

Anonymous said...

thanks, i will watch the show on vimeo!