Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Calm Blue Sea - Siegfried, An Original Score - EXCLUSIVE

The Calm Blue Sea - Siegfried, An Original Score - EXCLUSIVE

Where to begin? Let me begin by saying that this is for me, one of the best albums I heard for many years (its just my opinion but . . .) In the genre of post Rock in which it has its roots then I would have to say it has some serious contentions to become my all time favorite. Just when I thought the genre of Post Rock was on its way out, 'Siegfried' appeared.
Its not easy to describe how good this album really is, but having listened to it twice, back to back, all the way through (which I have never done with an album before) I find myself totally satisfied with the experience. Its not just that every element of this works, its how it works, each track is a journey in itself in true Post Rock glory but they are tied together with a common theme, a theme which speaks of such confidence and joyful exuberance its quite breathtaking to hear. Throughout the 96 minutes you find yourself in moments which remind you of Explosions in the Sky, Mono, Pink Floyd, Ambient, minimalism, space rock, and more. Its such an amazing journey of gorgeous music
The concept behind the album is that the band wrote it to be played live over the 1924 classic film 'Siegfried' The thought of the band playing this live over the course of the 96 minutes is deeply impressive. The album itself has 17 tracks which over its 2 CD's lasts for 96 minutes. Its due to be released on August 18th and has a very limited run of hand numbered 200 copies. Its being offered at an amazing rate. Be sure to order now before they run out.
Chris kindly allowed me to choose 2 songs from the album for you to enjoy. I also included a video with the songs. Thanks to Chris and I hope you enjoy this Epic piece of music

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Andy said...

Pre-ordered the album on your recomendation and received a digital download copy the next day - it's fantastic! Had it playing on my ipod/in the car for most of the day. Certainly one I'll be recommendation to others.

Thanks again!

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

hi Andy,
same here - i was a little worried that the 2 songs alone dont really convey what an amazing the album is as a whole when played for the entire 96 mins. Great stuff !

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Trevor Hollenback said...

I completely agree. A truly beautiful experience.

I actually quoted this post in a post that I just made regarding The Calm Blue Sea ( )

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