Saturday, 4 July 2009

Response to Complaint and Accusation

As I try to be as open, honest and as transparent as possible with these blogs:

I received the following complaint and accusation in a comment attached to the LossLess concert 'Massey Hall, Toronto - 13.05.2006.
I would like to answer this comment by firstly showing how the accusations are completely unfounded and secondly by illustrating what the person is talking about by using the actual files in question as an example to clearly show what the difference is between Lossy and LossLess audio. (I should point out, this person HAS NOT actually downloaded the files in question)

The comment:

This is not lossless quality by any means. Running a lossy source through filters and increasing the gain does not result in better feedback. (i.e., the oxymoron of "upcoding") The MP3-encoded copies of these tracks actually sound better, because they're the closest thing to the source that's available.

What you're doing is not only dishonest, it's misinforming to people who don't bother to do the research. To keep it simple, I suggest that fans get the MP3 copies of these shows. Sure, it sucks that they're lossy, but that's the only thing available. Anything that's "remastered" or upcoded is going to suffer from even more artifacting and degredation, so don't bother.

I checked this carefully and responded with this post [LINK]

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