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Sigur ros - Massey Hall, Toronto - 13.05.2006 Re Master 09

Sigur ros - Massey Hall, Toronto - 13.05.2006 Re Master 09

The band has played at the Massey Hall a number of times over the years and always give a great show at this venue. The sound is quite big in that you can tell they are playing in a big space. It doesn't distract from the quality, which is great. The line up on this one is special in that favourites, Njósnavélin and Dauðlagið are played.
I havn't been able to contact the taper, Mike P for permission to post this in MP3 as there was no email on the details but i hope this will be ok as this has been Re Mastered and compressed at the highest possible quality and to be fair 99% of people who have listened to their re-mastered shows have been more than happy to give permission. I will of course take this down immediatly if it causes offence.
A great show, with thanks to taper Mike P

Set List:

01 Takk...
02 Glósóli
03 Sæglópur
04 Njósnavélin
05 E Bow
06 Gong
07 Andvari
08 Hoppípolla
09 Með Bloðnasir
10 Svo Hljótt
12 Heysátan
13 Olsen Olsen
14 Smaskifa
15 Dauðlagið
16 Popplagið

download p1
download p2
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