Monday, 17 August 2009

Jasper TX & Anduin - Live 07.12.2009

Jasper TX & Anduin - Live 07.12.2009

Finally ! some live Jasper TX. I dont know Anduin as well as Jasper TX but for those of you who are a fan - Finally ! some Anduin live. A superb quality recorded concert from these two masters in their class. Im not sure who actually does what over these six songs but it doesn't really matter as the concert is a real beauty. Thanks to those who made this possible

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Anonymous said...

Far as I know I was the only one who recorded this show (and posted it elsewhere with the artists' permission), so you're welcome. A portion of this is used on the new "Abandoned in Sleep," highly recommended.

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

^ Hey there, Its very much appreciated, thanks. I dont usualy like to poach but . . . Could you email me? I have a special treat for you?