Monday, 31 August 2009

Helios + Goldmund - Unreleased Music - WORLD EXCLUSIVE!

Helios + Goldmund - Unreleased Music - WORLD EXCLUSIVE!

I had the good fortune to have come into my possession a number of tracks of unreleased material from Keith Kenniff. Keith kindly gave me permission to post some of them. After a lot of thought and listening we have arrived at the selection presented here. There are 12 songs in total, covering the range of Keith's musical talents:
3 from Goldmund, minimal piano compositions, 3 (from some thing not heard heard yet), Keith's Ambient Drone music, another 3 featuring Keith guitar skills and finally 3 of his more familar Electronica, Ambient music.
This is a wonderful as it showcases Keith's many and versatile musical talents. You wont have heard any of his Ambient Drone music yet, but it really is superb
I hope you enjoy this treat posted through the kind permission of Keith

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Helios myspace
Goldmund myspace
Keith Kenniff blog
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Although this is a MF link, it seems to be dead.
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Thank you very much.