Monday, 17 August 2009

Woodworkings - 3 Albums

Im so, so happy and greatful to Kyle for allowing me post 3 of his self released CD's for free download! I love this music, its everything I ever wish for in Classical, ambient, minimal music.

In his own words:

"pieces for lonely piano" - music made for my love who had to be away for too long.
(.self released cd.) - download

"winter lives in our hands" - nearly thirty minutes of piano and guitar based ambient & classical songs. on cd-r and limited edition tape cassette.
(.self released cd. .cassette on ten ten tapes.) - download

"the grey tapes" - nearly sixty minutes of minimal ambient work with layered piano, guitars, keyboard, field recordings, etc.
(.self released cd.) - download

This really is wonderful stuff. Thanks Kyle.
Coming projects are listed below:

untitled 20 minute e.p.
(.heat death records. .september 2009.)
haiku limited edition
(.futurerecordings. .october 2009.)
woodworkings & the outdoor strings "the autumn symphony" in full
(.sonicpieces. .fall 2009.)
full length limited edition vinyl
(.futurerecordings. .december 2009.)

woodworkings myspace

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sonicreverie said...

Amazing! Thanks for these. Looking forward to hearing the new releases as well.