Friday, 27 November 2009

Tired Tape Machine - Somewhere Safe

Tired Tape Machine - Somewhere Safe

Im happy to finally getting round to posting this little beauty. In itself its fairly simple, mostly acoustic guitar led
instrumental music but with great melodies running throughout. What intreges me the most about this album though
is that, to me it sounds like a great soundtrack to a film I havn't seen yet but one that never-the-less Im looking forward
to seeing . . . sort of! Anyway, have a listen and if you like it then then please follow the links below and buy it :^)
(Its a little ironic I wrote the above when you read the review below!)

Debut Album from Tired Tape Machine out now!

It’s no coincidence that Jose Gonzalez’ music was dropped in favour of Tired Tape Machine for the final scene in Swedish director Mikel Cee Karlssons film Hälsningar från Skogen (the soundtrack, released on Kningdisk, also included artists like Peter Broderick and Tape). Petter Lindhagen’s one man band truly personifies the wave of new music that finds its own voice without needing vocal chords. A wave of experimental instrumental music that strikes a balance between sadness and hope, chaos and order

On his debut album Somewhere Safe, Petter Lindhagen has single handedly written, produced and played all the instruments; a DIY-attitude that is also evident in the lovingly realized physical manifestation of the release. In tune with his entrepreneurial spirit, the album is self-released, digitally and – as the name might suggest– on cassette!

“There is a certain analogue romance that comes with the thought of this album being played on its namesake“ Petter laughs.

His description is not far-fetched. On Somewhere Safe xylophones are combined with melancholic harmonicas as well as acoustic guitars. It is cinematic quietness with grandeur.

“It might sound like a cliché but the music I make is a mix of pretty much everything that I listen to”, Stockholm resident Petter Lindhagen says.

With one foot in popmusic, Petter Lindhagen makes little genre experiments without ever losing a sense of the whole. Somewhere Safe is the sound of a truly unique artist who has created a sonic world of his own. Step right in.

Elina Wessman

journalist and critic

For more info or interview inquiries contact Petter Lindhagen at:

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