Sunday, 10 January 2010

Iron & Wine - Lowlands 21.08.2009 VIDEO

Iron & Wine - Lowlands 21.08.2009 VIDEO

I've been waiting for ages to get a video of Iron & Wine in concert. The wait has been worth it. This concert
is just amazing. Sam plays with a line up of incredible musicians with the result of some beautiful and
quite surprising rock moments of a seriously grand and yet mellow & funky nature! The sound track is
available in FLAC. Not all the tracks have not been cut individually as there was a lot of
improvisation between tracks.
NB: The video over runs a little bit after the end!
Download FLAC - part 1 part 2


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. DL'ing now. Cant wait to watch it!

bossanoga said...

there's on dime I&W 2008-08-16 Lowlands festival DVD if you're interested: