Friday, 29 January 2010

Sparklehorse - Radio Sessions 1999 - 2007 Re- Masters

Sparklehorse - Radio Sessions 1999 - 2007

Ive always been a big fan of Sparklehorse so I thought it would be nice to re-record and re-master these shows and
post them together.
They are all fantastic shows highlighting Mark at his most mellow, laid back and wacky best. Many of these
versions are different from the album versions. If you haven't heard Sparklehorse before but you like simple,
dreamy acoustic music you will love this.

KCRW 26.03.1999
01 Intro.
02 June Bug
03 Sunshine
04 Interview 1
05 Unknown
06 All Night Home
07 Interview 2
08 Unknown
09 Sad And Beautiful World
10 Daniel Johnston Song

KCRW 07.11.2001
01 Intro
02 Its A Wonderful Life
03 Eye Pennies
04 More Yellow Birds
05 Interview
06 Saturday
07 Unknown

MPR 20.02.2007
01 Return To Me
02 Interview 1
03 Saturday
04 Interview 2
05 Spirit Dutch

KEXP 14.02.2007
01 Spirit Dutch
02 Painbirds
03 Sad And Wonderful World
04 Weird Sisters

(New links 04.2013)


jason00454 said...

Thanks for these! I hadn't heard any of them, and it's a treat to have these versions of the songs.

Keir said...

Thanks, wonderful to hear some of these on a sad, sad day - RIP Mark.

Oh, and the unknown tracks on the 1999 sessions;

5: Unknown 1 = Hammering The Cramps
10: Daniel Johnston Song = My Yoke Is Heavy

growler said...

Today I've already listened to every studio album he did, so it's nice to get some "new" stuff. He was a great human, and he'll be missed. Thanks for posting these.

Anonymous said...

what a special treat you have shared with everyone. Can't thank you enough for these tracks.

take care,


Anonymous said...

1999 show track 8 = One Mans Blood

A! said...






Anonymous said...

Hello! Could anyone perhaps upload these again? The links seem to be dead but I would LOVE to be able to but these on a cd. Thanks!

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Most of the RS links will be dead. The MF links should all work :)

Anonymous said...

This is incredible thank youso much for this.

I am having an issue with track one of 14/02/2007 where i cant mov e/play/paste it any chance you could help me?


victoryrose said...

Hi :0
Here is track 1 14/02/2007
f you still have problems please feel free to email me direct through the 'contact'tab on the right
jon x

Anonymous said...

Wow you got back so fast!

Sorry to be a pain but that link is the return to me from the mpr on 20.02.2007 sorry!

victoryrose said...

Argggh, sorry - this should be ok now :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these...

Mark may of left us, but his love is forever.

A big Cheers and the very best of wishes to you sir...

Manu said...

there's no more live links please
can you repost these wonders ?
thnx for sharing

Joseph said...

It would be lovely to get hold of these - any chance of some fresh links?

victoryrose said...

Hi Joseph.
I can add them on my share within the sigur ros dc++ hub. any problems just give me an email:

Beartown Zodiac said...

Hi, I would love to hear the sparklehorse radio sessions. Any chance you can reload them?


Jon Par said...

will do

Dave said...

Many thanks for keeping these up. Wonderful to hear.
Just going through them now, and I just thought I'd note that track 7 on KCRW 11-07-01 is Morning Hollow.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this. These sessions are brilliant!

Daniele Pomponi said...

Grazie mille. R.I.P. Mark, artista vero