Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sigur Rós - Tíu lifandi *UPDATED 4th CD' Added *

Due to many requests I have now finished the 4th and final CD of Tui lifandi - A Celebration of 10 years of Live Music.
I originally only intended to make 2 CD's so thank you to everyone who requested more. Im glad you did, its an amazing collection.
NB: I've just realised (now I've finished) that the CD's are mixed to be listened to as a complete concert so its possible that if you skip to another track it may not start at the very beginning of that song. This was done so as to create, as much as possible, a seamless listening experience. Even though the songs are taken from various concerts over 10 years it almost sounds like 1 long concert.
Ps. Still working out which concerts some of the songs are from!! I lost my notes.


Jamilah said...

Hope you did not forget Svo Hljott!!! ;-))))

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Actually, 'cause you asked so nicely I found the very best one they ever did live. You'll love it

Anonymous said...

What was the point of mixing in into a 'seamless listening experience? Would have been so much better just to include the individual tracks. The long title also wreaks of ass-kissing the band 'A celebration of 10 Years of Live Music With Much Gratitude From the Fans'. The band are currently working on a collection of live tracks from the () era (to begin with) - would rather purchase that than listen to a (basically) mix tape of SR live tracks which you've pulled from the internet.

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

1. The title is just to indicate that its put together by myself from this blog, so there's no mistaking it as an official release.
2. Some people would of course preferred individual tracks. Apologies if you are one of them. (it just happened that way as I was mixing the tracks and as it worked well I kept it)
3. Im really looking forward to and will buy the live ( ) CD as well.
4. This is a personal project in which I have mastered the lossless concerts of SR from the last 10 years. These tracks are the best of those.
5. Please feel free to download or not download as you wish.
6. I'm sorry if it annoys you It wasn't created with the intention to annoy people . . . obvisualy

RRCM said...

Hehe. Your selections for Flugufrelsarinn, Hljómalind, Fjöll í austri fagurblá, Kem ég enn af köldum heiðum, and Hugann seiða svalli frá are the same ones I would have picked given my current knowledge of SR live tracks.

Nice to hear that SR is doing a live () CD. Hopefully they do a better job with that compilation than they did with the Heim CD, which was annoyingly incomplete (no Heima, seriously?).

Thanks for the fourth CD!

victoryrose said...

Im not sure they are 'actually'doing the () live CD. I know for a fact there is some possible idea floating around in relation to live tracks from that period but whether that turns out to be an official live release or a freeby to celebrate the anniversary or nothing at all, is totally in the air at this time. Its not worth a rumour yet! If anything does arise the info will posted within seconds!!

rhubarbidoo said...

^ Yeah, the ( ) live recordings project is just something the mods on the Sigur Rós message board are toying around with. They've already said that they're not sure what format it will be made available in, but it certainly wouldn't be for 'sale', and it certainly isn't being put together by the band.

I think Anonymous should get his facts straight before spouting his rubbish above about Tíu Lifandi, which btw is an absolutely superb live collection of beautifully remastered tracks. Nice one Jon!