Sunday, 18 July 2010

pq / Matt Stevens / Absent Without Leave

Been busy of late and have neglected some promised album reviews. As these superb artists are all different genres I thought it work well to have them in one post:

pq - You'll Never Find Us Here (2010)

'pq' released a 7" a while back which I quite liked but if I'm honest I found nothing 'stand out' about it. However this, their début full length album is simply stunning. In general I would have to say this for me is easily one of the best 'Instrumental / Electronica' releases of the 2010. I say instrumental but it actually includes so many different genres whilst still managing to keep a wonderful undercurrent of gentle joy that reads like a great bedtime book lulling you along in a peaceful, warm yet fascinating journey of musical delights. I don't know what 'pq' has been doing this last year but whatever it is, its working. Highly recommended.
Its a credit to them that they have offered this record for your enjoyment all be it in a low bitrate. I sincerely hope this will encourage folks to buy the CD.

Matt Stevens - Ghost (2010)

A lot of people have already made great comments some of which I will put below. I can only say myself that what Matt does with acoustic guitar is dangerous for amateur guitarists ! After listening to Ghost and some of his other albums Matt's music gives me a kick in the butt for showing me how I could have played if I had put the time in. Fantastic stuff

"A multi-layered, dreamlike sound that’s reminiscent of Radiohead and Sigur Ros" PH balanced

"This is a unique album coming from a unique musician and one i would seriously implore anyone to experience it."Music Mafia UK

"Matt Stevens' Echo takes its audience on an exhilarating and romantic instrumental adventure. Ranging from light and melodic to deep and aggressive, the moods set by this album flow together like a masterfully woven screenplay. Lyrics are not necessary and would only distract from the virtuosity of Stevens' guitar compositions." - Pinpoint




Absent Without Leave - Bon Voyage (2006)

I first heard about 'Absent Without Leave' through the split CD 'Magnitogorsk' with 'Port Royal' and their extraordinary album 'Flares' (one of the best albums in its genre - of all time!) Its with great delight that a few years down the line I can share one of his albums with you (through his kind permission) which I hope will lead you to looking into more of his wonderful music. He has that gift of writing music that just flows beautifully in a dreamy and creative fashion. Almost makes you want to go on a road trip just so you can put one of his CD's into the car stereo! Check out the line up of guest artists on George's new album !

pre-order the new absent without leave album

I am now taking pre-orders for my new album.
The album will be released on my own label sound in silence ( so I have to save up some money for the production of it.
If I get enough pre-orders I hope to release it sometime in September-October, at least.
Every pre-order will be much appreciated as it will help a lot.

This album will feature guest appearances from some good friends and really great artists too, including members of giardini di miro, port-royal, hood, stafraenn hakon, eksi ekso and others too.
It will be packaged in recycled cardboard with the front cover image printed on photo paper and each copy will be unique with a different front cover image.
It will be released in a limited edition of 500 handmade copies that in future will be for sure rare collectible items.





RRCM said...

Absent Without Leave + "port-royal, hood, stafraenn hakon" = Win for sure :D

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Did you know Stafraenn Hakon released an album earlier this year? - 'Santitas'
Don't know how I missed it :)
Its certainly different from previous releases...more towards the Album Leaf

RRCM said...

Yeah Santitas is a good album, and certainly a shift from his previous stuff. Feels more like pop, though it is still Hakon :) I've listened to it a lot. I was surprised to find that a local US record store was starting to stock a few of his CDs.

Matt Stevens said...

Thanks very much for posting the review